20 Too Cringey That It’s Funny Instagram Memes

Every group has that one friend who wouldn’t care if you’re dying of starvation, just so that Instagram picture can be snapped perfectly.

Instagram has wormed its way in our lives just like a mushroom would on a tree. Our friends are on IG. Your dear Uncle Bernard followed you on your BTS stan account. You keep blocking your parents and adding following your cute neighbor.

How relatable are Instagram memes? You tell us by checking out our collection below. Have fun!

Add Them 

When That Ad Pops Up

Do You Have The Time?

Fake Followers

Your Phone While You’re Scrolling at 5%

I Have A Serious Question

You Get Paid? What?

BRB I Need To Walk My Duck

Hold Up A Second

When Half Your School Be Waiting On You Tomorrow

I Don’t Know What Is Worse

I’m Checking Out Engagement Rings Tomorrow

When You’re Tempted To Promote Your Post

When Your Barber Says: I Got You Fam. Run!

When Your Neighbor Asks For Your IG

Let Me Just Ignore You and Pretend It’s An Accident

When You Don’t Feel It But They Need You

Instagram Gold

So You’re On Instagram

Your Face Tooday

You know the drill. Don’t forget to share these memes on your social media account!

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