20 Trying To Survive My Family Reunion Memes

A family reunion is a chance for a lot of our loved ones’ to gather and share a meal, drinks, games and catch up with each others’ lives. It can also either bring out the best or the worst in you and your extended family members.

And you might say yours is just the perfect specimen for family reunion memes. Because no family is perfect, and that is quite alright.  You’re just not looking forward to meeting your “matchmaking” aunt who never ever stops to set you up with her friends’ sons. Dad is making you attend this time and taking no excuses because you need to babysit your brother and keep him away from Uncle Steve’s newly repaired window. But no matter what crazy stuff your kinfolk is up to,  your family is everything in the world to you.

Let’s look at some of the very relatable family reunion memes you might possibly be posting while you are trying to survive from your family reunion.

1. It’s Hot In Here

2. Tempted to Make An Announcement So No One Asks Again

3. Kids Enthusiasm. Wishing It Was Contagious.

4. Uhm, I Gotta Go Walk My Spider

5. Hunger Games Much

6. Do I Pretend To Like Them or Do I Hide?

7. Who’s Kid Is This And Why Is He Calling Me Daddy?

8. Should I Make A Sign?

9. OMG You’ve Grown!

10. Questions In Family Reunions

11. Every Family Has That Uncle

12. West Side

13. Time For A Refill

14. Suddenly, I Feel Better.

15. I Want To Be Like Her When I Grow Up

16. When iPhone is Releasing a New Version

17. Pray You Survive The Drive Home

18. Worst Idea Ever

19. Plans Family Reunion for You And Your One Sibling

20. Can’t Wait To Talk

I hope you had fun! Please don’t forget to share the love and laughter on your social media accounts because everyone deserves to smile!

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