20 Wildin’ Riverdale Memes

When CBS announced that they’d do a re-imagined television series of the characters from Archie Comics, we somehow thought we’d be getting the iconic sweet but bumbling Archie, glutton Jughead, girl next door Betty, and sophisticated Veronica. What jumped out of our televisions was something nobody bargained for — a whole dark and wild Riverdale.

Out of the unique script, unexpected character and plot changes, here are some iconic Riverdale memes that have been born out of this TV show.

Archie’s Mouth

FP Always Looks

Has Anyone Noticed

Help Me

I’ll Never Be

I’m Sorry

I’m Thankful

Me When I

My Medical Bill

Season 2

Sophomores In Riverdale

When  It’s Riverdale Day

When Someone Says

When The Kid

When There’s One

When You Introduce

When You’re Trying

When You’re Working

Who Is This?

Who’s Your Favorite

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