21 Crazy Parent Memes Moms And Dads Can Relate With

Parenting is mostly a thankless job. We all have our own expectations of becoming parents. Cute kids, peaceful dinners, cheerful mornings and quiet drives to school. That dreamy bubble burst several years and 3 kids later.

Thankfully we all have our own parent memes to turn to and somehow make our lives a little more fun and bearable. Let’s look at these memes while the baby is napping.

Ball is Life

ball is life parent meme

Growing Up In An Asian Household

barbie parent meme

Close The Doorclose the door parent meme

When I Was Your Age

confused parent meme

When Your Father Sets Your Destiny

doctor parent meme

Getting Around Family Rules: Boss Level

no dating parent meme

When I Lost My Mom’s Tupperware

pack lunch parent meme

Marco Polo Taught Them In School

school parent meme

When You Think You Why You Even Tried

sleep over parent meme

Extreme Sports, Asian Parents Edition

so it begins parent meme

You Know You Will Get It When Mom Uses Her Batman Voice

time to go parent meme

Parents Proof That Karma Is Real

trips over parent meme

You Want To Say Something? Go Ahead! Who Said You Can Talk?

yell parent meme

My Mom Every Morning

cat cleaning parent meme

My Mom While I Am Coughing My Lungs Outcoughing parent meme

Every Morning at 5:59 AM

enjoying parent meme

Just Wait Until We Get Home

fool parent meme


freedom parent meme

The Temptation Is Just Too Much

tub parent meme

The Air Is Suddenly Sweeter

without kids parent meme

Parents Rude Awakening To Cups and Toddlers

wrong cup parent meme


I hope you enjoyed our parent memes! Always remember Mommies and Daddies, you did well. Now, let’s all have a laugh and share these memes with our friends at the PTA.


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