21 Disgusted Memes You Should Totally Check Out


Believe it or not, disgust isn’t entirely a psychological or cognitive thing. It’s actually a form of emotion. However, unlike other types of emotion, this one slows down your heartbeat, gives you that sense of nausea, and makes you feel like there’s something wrong with your stomach.

Take note that you don’t really have to show all those physical effects of disgust just to show how you are feeling and what you are thinking. A good disgusted meme is all you need.

For today, we have just the right collection for you. Scroll down to see some really clever memes.

Bird is absolutely disgusted

Absolutely disgusting Disgusted Meme

Twilight Sparkle is disgusted

Absolutely disgusting Disgusted Meme

You have heard Agust D. Now its time to meet Disgust D

DisgustD Disgusted Meme

Disgusted cat is feeling disgusted

Disgusted cat Disgusted Meme

Even Mr. Hitler is disgusted

Even i'm Disgusted Meme

J hope is disgusted

Hoseok in a flower Disgusted Meme

I came out of where?!

I came out of where Disgusted Meme

I am OTTERly disgusted

I sir am Disgusted Meme

I’m not even mad

I'm not even mad Disgusted Meme

When someone throws BTS and Bighit under the bus and claims that they are an ARMY

Internally disgusted by your existence Disgusted Meme

Oh, hell no! That’s disgusting

Oh hell no thats disgusting Disgusted Meme

Me listening to fake friends knowing that 80% of what they say is a lie

Park jimin Disgusted Meme

People in real life VS people on the internet

People in real life Disgusted Meme

When a couple next to you is showing too much PDA

Right in front of my salad Disgusted Meme

This shit is disgusting

This shit is disgusting Disgusted Meme

When you accidentally stepped on a poop

When you look at the bottom of your shoe Disgusted Meme

When you see couples making out in public

When you see couples Disgusted Meme

When you thought the day is over but it’s not even noon yet

When you think the day is over Disgusted Meme

Worst tuna ever

Worst tuna ever Disgusted Meme

You disgust me

You disgust me Disgusted Meme

Mr. Fish is not amused

You disgust me fish Disgusted Meme

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