21 Motivational Gareth Bale Quotes About His Career

Gareth Bale is a Welsh professional footballer who plays a winger for Spanish Club Real Madrid and the Wales national team.

Bale has received plaudits from his peers, who have described him as a footballer with “tremendous speed, great crossing ability, a great left foot, and exceptional physical qualities”.

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21 Gareth Bale Quotes

1. “Obviously, it’s going to be a little different, it’s going to be a little more relaxed. I guess it will be more about the team, working more like a unit than concentrating on a single player.” – Gareth Bale

2. “I’m not sure I want to respond to whether I think Julen is better than Zidane.” – Gareth Bale

3. “Obviously, it helps, I can speak in Spanish, but maybe I won’t need to go into the amount of detail I normally would.”
I don’t go out, so I don’t get attention from girls. They’re not going to have posters of me on their walls. I just try to get on with my life.” – Gareth Bale

4. “When I was younger, I had some close friends who always loved European football, and Real Madrid at that time were the dominant force. I remember family holidays when we used to go to Spain, and we’d bring back replica shirts of Real Madrid and pretend to be the players when we played in the park.” – Gareth Bale

5. “Hello, it’s a dream for me to play for Real Madrid. Thank you for the great welcome. Go Madrid!” – Gareth Bale

6. “The most important thing is to not waste your money.” – Gareth Bale

7. “I’d say that Spanish football is probably the best I’ve seen.” – Gareth Bale


8th of 21 Gareth Bale Quotes

8. “I’ve certainly not got any famous people’s numbers on my phone. It’s just not my thing, really.” – Gareth Bale


9. “I think La Liga is the best league in the world.” – Gareth Bale

10. “I’m ambitious, I want to play in the Champions League, and that’s the aim with Tottenham – to start qualifying for the Champions League on a consistent basis.” – Gareth Bale

11. “I probably prefer Spanish football to the others. It’s very technical, the way they play; they keep the ball well, and whenever Spurs have played against Spanish teams in the past, they’ve always made it difficult for us.” – Gareth Bale

12. “When you play in the Premier League, say you’re playing against a lower-end team, they set up to defend all the time, they set up to block you off. But when you play in the Champions League, all the other teams are used to winning every week, so it’s more of an open game, it’s more attacking, end-to-end.” – Gareth Bale

13. “Between 12 and 14, I shot up a ridiculous amount. The muscles were struggling to stretch and grow at the rate my bones were growing. It gave me problems with my back and my hamstrings.” – Gareth Bale

14. “I play computer games, watch TV and do what normal people do.” – Gareth Bale

15. “Every kid’s dream is to play in the Champions League and to win it. To actually have achieved that was an amazing feeling.” – Gareth Bale

16. “I was always looking out of the window, looking at my watch, thinking about when I could play football.” – Gareth Bale


17th of 21 Gareth Bale Quotes

17. “As a kid, you obviously dream of being a professional footballer. I would watch players like Ronaldo of Brazil and pretend to be him in the playground. But I don’t think about trying to become one of the best in the world or anything like that. I just play football.” – Gareth Bale


18. “Obviously, very disappointed not to start the game. I felt like I deserved to start but obviously, the manager makes those decisions and what can you do.” – Gareth Bale

19. “I said, when I came on I want to make an impact. It’s a team game and, as I say, I was very disappointed not to start.” – Gareth Bale

20. “When you’re a sub, it’s a game of more than 11 players starting the game. You have to make an impact and I did.” – Gareth Bale

21. “I need to be playing week-in, week-out and that hasn’t been happening this season, for one reason or another.” – Gareth Bale



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