21 Powerful 2 Chainz Quotes For A Good Day

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2 Chainz is an American hip hop recording artist. The artist formerly known as Tity Boi changed his name to 2 Chainz. He is one of the most well-known rappers of the modern era. 

He released his first album as a solo artist a mixtape called ‘T.R.U. REALigion’, and it featured a lead single called ‘No Lie’ featured Drake which charted number one in the ‘Billboard Top 200’.

Throughout his career 2 Chainz collaborated with well-known artists such as ‘Kanye West‘ and ‘Nicki Minaj‘.

Here’s our collection of the best 2 Chainz quotes:


21 Powerful 2 Chainz Quotes For A Good Day

1. “I don’t care what anybody else is wearing. I feel like they’re all waiting to see what I have on. If you really want to know the truth, that’s what I think. They’re waiting to see what I’mma do next.” – 2 Chainz

2. “I just be comfortable in my own skin; I might wear anything.” – 2 Chainz

3. “I’ve done a song with almost everybody in the game.” – 2 Chainz

4. “The independent route was the best move for me. But I think I’ve maximized everything I could do independently. I’ve done everything out the mixtape market. I think getting the big machine behind you is the next stage when you’ve maximized the independent level.” – 2 Chainz

5. “I can say sincerely, don’t take your voice for granted. It is truly what makes us all equal.” – 2 Chainz

6. “I had incorrectly, for all of my adult life until 2008, believed the biggest voting myth that exists – that ex-felons cannot vote.” – 2 Chainz

7. “I want to challenge myself, challenge my styles.” – 2 Chainz

8. “People know I work hard.” – 2 Chainz

9. “Hip-hop deals with bragging and braggadocio, being boastful. It’s always been about who’s got the most money.” – 2 Chainz


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10. “I enjoy being in control, having a lot of creative control.” – 2 Chainz


11. “I want to be a successful landlord. I like real estate.” – 2 Chainz

12. “My whole story is just about me having a second chance.” – 2 Chainz

13. “You need to be your own individual.” – 2 Chainz

14. “Entertainment is such a great job to have.” – 2 Chainz

15. “I encourage everyone to pay attention to the issues that matter to you, from jobs and the economy to education and our schools, to criminal justice reform. Whatever it is that you care about, make sure you use your voice.” – 2 Chainz

16. “I wake up each and every day with a smile on my face knowing I get to do something musically.” – 2 Chainz

17. “Ludacris is a very smart individual. He’s about his business. Everything is business with him. So I learned a lot about making deals from him.” – 2 Chainz

18. “As I said, I spent most of my adult life thinking I didn’t have a vote, and therefore that what I thought didn’t matter.” – 2 Chainz

19. “I don’t have any reasons to be disrespectful or throw anybody under the bus.” – 2 Chainz


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20. “I like for people to have fun and that comes out in the music.” – 2 Chainz


21. “In my 8th-grade yearbook picture, I had on 2 chains.” – 2 Chainz



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