22 Erin Moriarty Quotes About Life And Acting

Which are the best Erin Moriarty quotes?

Erin Moriarty is an American actress from New York City. Erin first appeared on screen in the Emmy-nominated soap opera ‘One Life to Live (1968)’ in 2010.

Moriarty began acting at the young age of 11 years old. She has featured in both movies and tv shows such as ‘Driven’, ‘Captain Fantastic’, ‘The Miracle Season’, ‘The Boys’, and many more.

Here’s our collection of the most inspirational Erin Moriarty quotes:


22 Erin Moriarty Quotes About Life And Acting

1. “I love romantic comedies… but they have to be done right, but when they are, they’re great.” – Erin Moriarty

2. “I went through a lot of crazy phases, and I’m still finding myself. ” – Erin Moriarty

3. “making sure that I honor the fact that she is a dichotomy in a very cool way, which is that she is so tough and she is such a badass and such a cool superhero.” – Erin Moriarty

4. “Throughout high school, I was fairly boring.” – Erin Moriarty

5. “I got to witness the passion and hunger that first-time directors bring to projects, and ever since, then I’ve been very intrigued when I’ve come across a project with a less experienced director.” – Erin Moriarty

6. “I thought that it was this wickedly dark role in this world that was quite cool and would certainly lend itself well to being an awesome TV series.” – Erin Moriarty

7. “Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed me in ‘Kings of Summer,’ which was his debut feature.” – Erin Moriarty

8. “The rehearsal process is not a luxury you’re afforded when you’re working on screen, it’s more typical of theatre, but I come from theatre, so that’s something I appreciate which is rehearsal.” – Erin Moriarty

9. “I didn’t do many rebellious things.” – Erin Moriarty


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10. “I think that from that moment on I felt this very cool click into her that has made the role really fun to play.” – Erin Moriarty


11. “It’s not very often as actors that we have source material from which to draw and to introduce us to the world and storylines.” – Erin Moriarty

12. “she has her speech in the audition scene which gets her role in The Seven. In the scene, she’s talking about how she grew up going to Little Miss Hero pageants and that her mom kind of forced her into it, but then she realized that she really did earnestly and genuinely want to save the world.” – Erin Moriarty

13. “Fargo’ definitely makes it into my top three favorite films of all time; I have a serious obsession with the Coen brothers.” – Erin Moriarty

14. “I think that for me it was tapping into personal experiences, experiences of those to whom I have been around and to whom I have been close while wanting as much as I possibly could to make her as nuanced.” – Erin Moriarty

15. “It’s always been this amazingly collaborative relationship in which when I’m on set, I feel like I’m in such good hands.” – Erin Moriarty

16. “one of my favorite lines to date that she says is: “Since when did being hopeful and naïve become the same thing?” – Erin Moriarty

17. “Well, Kripke is such an awesome person to work with because I think that we’ve all developed such a mutual trust with each other, and it’s not only me, it’s all the other actors in the show.” – Erin Moriarty

18. “Every experience you have in a new character, you know that you’re going to learn something from that character.” – Erin Moriarty

19. “I put myself on tape and I read that monologue and it clicked, and I knew that no matter what, whether or not I booked the role, I got it, I got her, I understand. I completely understand and I was excited to show my interpretation of her and how much she resonated with me, and it clicked.” – Erin Moriarty


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20. “I would love to work with the Coen brothers and Terrence Malick. I love both of their bodies of work so much, so I’m really interested in acting under their direction.” – Erin Moriarty


21. “My parents are both very stylish, so they always encouraged me to explore when it came to personal style.” – Erin Moriarty

22. “Toronto reminds me of New York. My favorite part about it that I don’t have in Los Angeles is that I can walk everywhere and that allows for a certain level of spontaneity and discovery that L.A. doesn’t because you have to drive everywhere.” – Erin Moriarty



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