22 Good Baptism Cards Sayings

Celebrating a baptism is an important time in any Christian’s life as they become born again. This is one of the most sacred times experienced by a Christian. To celebrate this joyous event, here is a look at some great baptism card saying examples that will encourage the right words to share in this moment.

“Baptism sets you apart as one who is publicly professing your faith.”

“Baptisms are the official celebrations of birth into the family of Christ. It only makes sense that you get your first birthday card at the party, even if you were born again a while ago. We are celebrating your new life with Him.”

“Congratulations on your baptism! What a glorious reason to celebrate!”

“Congratulations on your special christening day. Wishing you a life blessed with much love and happiness.”

“If Jesus thought baptism was important enough that he himself should be baptized, then what you do today will be one of the most important things you do in your life.”

“Jesus has been honored by your act of faith. And we are excited to see you be baptized in His name.”

“Jesus was baptized knowing that one day he would have to live out the redemptive miracle that baptism represents despite the pain and suffering he would endure. Remember this as you go on in the future and strive to be one of the redeemed.”

“Many congratulations on the christening of baby Rosie. May you be filled each day with patience, strength and wisdom to enjoy raising Rosie into her promising future.”

“May the Lord give His angel charge over you, to guide you in all your ways.”

“May today’s celebration be a joyous and memorable one.”

“May your christening day be touched with every blessing and your future filled with many things to smile about.”

“Now that you are baptized, I am confident you will continue to grow in faith and hope. Be blessed!”

“The symbolism of the death, burial, and resurrection and your public profession of faith can be a catalyst to the Christian life that you want to live! Congratulations!”

“To our beautiful daughter who brings us so much happiness.”

“To our special Godson on your christening day – we make our promises as Godparents to help guide and support you in your faith. We will always pray for you and wish that your christening blessing today be the first of a lifetime blessed with much love and happiness.”

“Traditions like baptism are only worth as much as they symbolize and only if you believe and understand what you are doing. Today’s public display was extremely valuable.”

“We’re so proud of the young Christian man/woman you have become, and your baptism marks a huge step and commitment that we are happy to see you make.”

“Wishing you a wonderful christening and lots of wonderful memories.”

“With lots of love on your special Christening day. I am very honoured to be your Godmother and proud to celebrate this wonderful day with you. On your journey through life, I promise to always be there for you – encouraging and listening to you.”

“You are showing what the priorities of your life are. Congratulations on taking the step of baptism.”

“You have demonstrated your faith through baptism. We are happy to congratulate you.”

“You were raised from the water just as Christ was raised from the dead!”

Check out this video clip for some great ideas and examples for celebrating a baptism that will allow friends and family to join together in praise.

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