23 Bird Box Memes Because You Are Still Not Over It

If you’ve watched the movie Bird Box, then you know that it’s rife with material for funny Bird Box meme jokes.

The actual move is suspenseful and gripping. Sandra Bullock plays the role of Malorie who travels through a forest with her small children. The twist? They’re blindfolded because anybody who sees the supernatural antagonists in the film die gruesome deaths.

See all the hilarious memes that this thriller has spawned.

Asian Bird Box

asian bird box meme

Y’all Have No Idea

blind people bird box meme

Are You Driving Blind?

charlie bird box meme

Douglas: you hearing something?

douglas bird box meme

Monday Mood

driving back to work bird box meme

The Entity: I Have A Suggestion

entity bird box meme

Outsmarting the Monsters

fool bird box meme

Exactly Me and My Brother When My Mom Says To Do The Dishes

girl and boy bird box meme

I Say Who Looks

girl bird box meme

You Know When Your Friends Watch Too Much

going outside bird box meme

Can I Be In Your Group?

group bird box meme

D-did She Cook The Birds?

kfc bird box meme

Girl Come Back

malorie bird box meme

The Best Group Collaboration

ninja turtle bird box meme

Cute Puppy Causing Your Death, Literally.

puppy bird box meme

Working Out Like A Badass

rowing bird box meme

When You Can’t Find A Blindfold

sanitary pad bird box meme

Do You Hear Something?

squidward bid box meme

Bird Boxing

what i think of bird box meme

When You Google: What Is Bird Box

what is bird box meme

When You Finally Finish Watching BirdBox

when you finish bird box meme

When You Realize You’re Not Watching BirdBox

wrong bird box meme

When You Download That Blindfold Series

wrong movie bird box meme

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