24 Edgy Confession Bear Memes


Do you have any dark secrets you’ve been hiding in the closet? Don’t worry, Confession Bear is here for you and he can help you with a slew of confession bear memes.

As per everything weird and wild, Confession Bear was born from the bowels of Reddit. Initially just a regular stock photo on Getty Images, a Redditor shared how he’d like to get weird things off his chest. What weird things? Check out the first confession bear meme ever in history.

It turns out a lot of people can relate and even more have a lot of their own weird things they want to share. Check out these confession bear meme collection we put together.

I Always Delay My Response

I Am Confession Bear

I Crack Jokes To Myself

I Didn’t Feel Like Going To The Store

I Did See Your Text Message

I Edited A Wikipage

I Have Actually Not Seen

I Just Gave My Girlfriend An Engagement Ring

I Know The Answer

I Turn The Sink On

I Use Expensive Brushes

Smelled Like Gas


I Download But I Never

With Myself

Singing ABC

When I Turn Off The Lights Downstairs

Need More Yarn

If You Post A Group Photo

I’m Ashamed Of My Bad Breath

I’m Only Making This Face

I Was Actually On Time For Church

Hate Cooking

You’re Telling Me You Confessed

What confession bear meme would YOU make if you would make one?

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