25 Cooking Memes To Burn You Down With Laughter

When we reach adulthood, there are certain responsibilities that we are expected to fulfill. One of those is to be able to feed ourselves. That really would be easy if we learned to cook in our younger years. Watching cooking shows is certainly very enjoyable. A trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients seems quite easy enough. You’ve got the ingredients, you’ve watched the show, and now the only thing to do is COOK! Cooking seems so easy, but often times it really does not go well.

Just like these cooking memes we gathered, we often times do not know what is going on.

2 Hours Of Prep Time

 Multi-tasking In The Kitchen

I Think My Cooking Improved

My Dog Thinks I Am Fabulous, I Think

Every Single Time

It’s Rocket Science Most Times

I’ve Just Burnt 1000 Calories In A Short Time

I Think They Packed It Wrong

This Is Me Everyday

Parents Put You Through Cooking School

Me Excitedly Shopping For The YouTube Recipe

Everyone Cheers!

Opening The Oven Be Like

Mary Tried To Cook A Little Lamb

Step 1

That Moment

The Beef

When I Started To Cook Healthy

The Microwave

Cooking With Wine Is Awesome

When People Complain

It’s All In The Apron

Céréale Au Lait

When You Accidentally Cause A Natural Catastrophe

It’s An Invasion

Go and share these memes with your friends who love to cook but really can’t. Maybe they will get the hint *wink wink*.

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