25 David Harbour Quotes About Hard Work, Life & Acting

David Harbour is an American actor born in New York. Harbour began acting professionally on Broadway in 1999 and then made his television debut that same year in an episode of ‘Law & Order’. 

He is best known for his role plays ‘Jim Hopper’ in ‘Stranger Things’, which earned him a ‘Critics’ Choice Television Award’ in 2018 and ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ nominations and ‘Golden Globe Award’ nominations.

We’ve put together this collection of the best David Harbour quotes:


25 David Harbour Quotes About Hard Work, Life & Acting

1. “I do feel like anything benefits from character logic. That can be from the dumbest ad to the greatest Shakespearean drama to the silliest ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch. There is a certain specificity in detail, which you can get when you’re paying attention to stuff like that.” – David Harbour

2. “I think that’s what ‘Stranger Things’ does, it opens you up – it has a real beating heart to it.” – David Harbour

3. “In this business, certainly it’s a lot crazier for women than it is for men, but there’s such a thing where there’s a lot of judgment on the way you look and on your body.” – David Harbour

4. “One of the things I’ve been interested in my whole career is exploring masculinity and what it means to be a man. The sensitivity of a man, but also the violence and power that goes along with it.” – David Harbour

5. “You gotta do things your own way. You have to find your own path. You have to take what appeals to you and leave all the rest.” – David Harbour

6. “I am a dude who is meant to be on a couch in New York City thumbing through magazines.” – David Harbour

7. “I think that storytelling, at its essence, allows us to feel like we all suffer the same insanity or a similar insanity of existence: that nobody escapes scot-free.” – David Harbour


8th of 25 David Harbour Quotes 

8. “I’ve always been passionate about the stories I want to tell.” – David Harbour


9. “One of the things about having played a lot of villains is… I don’t have the same experience of someone who maybe has been a leading man since they were 22 and therefore looks at certain things in a character to romanticize themselves. I actually very much embrace the bad stuff.” – David Harbour

10. “There is a lot of good television out there, stuff that is better for you than ‘Stranger Things,’ that, critically, people would be like, ‘This is an important show,’ but I would press you to find a show that’s more watchable. That’s hard to do.” – David Harbour

11. “At the end of the day, my biggest fear in life is that I’m gonna wind up being an actor who plays the dad on a TV show like ‘Full House’ or ‘Small Wonder’ or something – I’m, like, the desexualized dad in the show Alf.” – David Harbour

12. “I think people feel like other people are very different from them… And that people who are different from them are actually sort of unworthy of the same rights or empathy. I don’t understand that.” – David Harbour

13. “I’m terrified of the unknown, which is a driving force for me. I like this idea that the things that terrify us also draw us in.” – David Harbour

14. “One of my impulses in acting has always to make people feel less alone.” – David Harbour

15. “There are certain societal laws that are just accepted, things that are arbitrary. I think the fun thing about psychotics is that they question that. It can be very freeing… like, my ego or my individuality trumps society’s law.” – David Harbour

16. “As much as I can, I like to curate the information the people know personally about me.” – David Harbour

17. “I tend to find that movies have become so slick that I have trouble identifying with the characters.” – David Harbour


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18. “I’m just trying to give the best human expression that I can to any particular genre, which could be comedy, could be drama, could be horror, could be thriller.” – David Harbour


19. “Netflix sees people as users or subscribers or customers. Historically, networks have seen people as viewers.” – David Harbour

20. “Social media should be more like a cocktail party than anything else. You can have your fun jokes, and you can also express yourself and your beliefs. It’s a conversation, not a sledgehammer.” – David Harbour

21. “All I’ve ever wanted to do as an actor was move people.” – David Harbour

22. “I have one thing to say about the mental asylum. I’ve romanticized two things in my life, and both have fallen short. One is being in a mental asylum. Really, really not as fun as you think it is.” – David Harbour

23. “I try to keep it separate as I can, but also, I’m not going to live my life in complete privacy. If I’m feeling something, I’m going to live my life. I will not hide things.” – David Harbour

24. “Life really is too short.” – David Harbour

25. “People who are deep thinkers, who have sort of a weird way of looking at the universe, are wildly attractive to me.” – David Harbour



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