25 Funny Diet Memes For Those Who’ve Failed

Dieting is one of the biggest challenges in a person’s life. It seems that too many foods that taste great aren’t too healthy like cakes, pizza, and ice cream. The world doesn’t make it easy to diet, too. Fast food takeout and online delivery has never been so easy. Just a click on your phone gets you a delivery person on your doorstep in less than an hour.

Friends’ yummy Instagram or social media food photos are definite temptations. Friend A just posted pics of some piping hot mini donuts in different flavors and now we need that in our lives asap!

For anybody who’s ever gone on a diet, these diet memes are for you.

Omg I Need To Go On A Diet

diet 5 mins later memes

When You’ve Been On A Low Carb Diet For 5 Years

diet 5 minutes memes

I Need To Lose Some Weight

diet also me memes

When You Cut Sugar And Carbs From Your Diet

diet ate the wall memes

When You’re Caught Cheating On Your Diet

diet caught cheating memes

That Feeling When A Cheat Meal Turns Into A Cheat Week

diet cheat week memes

Oh My God I Hate You

diet chocolate fudge brownie memes

Feeling Like You’ve Been On A Diet For Months

diet feeling like a month memes

How’s Your Diet Going

diet going memes

When All You Bought Was Healthy Food

diet healthy food memes

I’m On A Diet

diet inner me memes

When You’re On A Diet

diet junk food at work memes

I Lost 1 Pound This Week

diet lost 1 pound this week memes

Looking At Bread

diet looking at bread memes

I Really Need To Live Healthier

diet me at 2am memes

I Don’y Always Start My Diet On Monday

diet next monday memes

When You Were Super Motivated Starting Your Diet This Morning

diet regret memes

When You’ve Been Dieting For 3 Hours

diet still not skinny memes

I’m Gonna Start Eating Healthy

diet treat yourself one more time memes

Watching People Eating While I’m On A Diet

diet watching people eat memes

When Someone Asks How My Diet Is Going

diet when someone asks memes

How’s Your Diet Going

hows your diet doing memes

Basically Me On A Diet

me on a diet memes

Started My New Healthy Diet Today

new healthy diet memes

The Face You Make When You’re On A Strict Diet

strict diet memes

Be somebody’s downfall today and share a funny diet meme.

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