25 Great Funeral Thank You Cards Sayings

When it comes to planning a funeral, many details and emotional challenges are faced. Your friends and family are normally awaiting nearby to give you assistance when needed. To show your level of gratitude and appreciation for their help, here is a look at some great funeral thank you cards sayings that will inspire you to find the right words to share.

“Allow me to express my most heartfelt appreciation for the fantastic food you’ve prepared for us. When in need, you were there to help and are truly a great friend and neighbor.”

“I can hardly express how grateful I am for your attendance at (name) funeral. It was so good of you to take the time to be with me and my family.”

“It meant a great deal to me that you came to (name) funeral. It was a difficult day and your presence was of great comfort to me. Your participation in the service was a great help and your words were so touching.”

“It was very nice of you to think of me in this time of sadness. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

“Just a quick note to show our appreciation for the beautiful flowers you’ve sent. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness while we are going through this difficult time.”

“My family and I would like to thank you for your support and generous donation to (name) fund. You were a great friend to her over the years and I know she loved you very much.”

“Sending you our sincere gratitude for the flowers you sent. It truly served as a special reminder of your friendship with (name).”

“Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent at my father’s funeral. As you know, daffofils were his favorite flowers and it’s lovely that you remembered. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

“Thank you for your heartfelt condolence. Your words are not only a comfort, but a source of strength for my family and me in this difficult time.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful and kind card of condolence. It was a comfort to the entire family.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping me with the food and guests at the services. I am so grateful for your helping hand in my time of need. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your generosity and support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you so much for attending my (name) funeral and for the beautiful arrangement you sent. Our family really appreciates your support.”

“Thank you so much for coming to (name) funeral. it meant so much to us having close friends of our family present. Your kindness and sympathy during this difficult time is so much appreciated.”

“Thank you so serving as pallbearer at (name) funeral. I am truly grateful to you and your family for your love and support at this difficult time.”

“Thank you very much for attending (name) funeral service. Being his friend meant a lot to him, we know this because he often spoke of you. During this difficult time, your kindness has meant a lot to our family.”

“The family would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for the thoughtfulness presented to us and love we have been given during our time of bereavement.”

“There comes a time in life that your friends support is extremely necessary. This was one of those times and you were there for me every second. Thank you my friend.”

“This is a very difficult time for all of us. We are saddened by the passing of (name). Your presence helped to lighten our burden. I was grateful to enjoy your company and hear your lovely memories.”

“We really appreciate your acts of kindness and helping hands for our family during (name) funeral service. It was a comfort to us to know these details were in your hands.”

“We were deeply touched by the funeral message you delivered for (name). (name) was a fun loving boy and will be sorely missed by family and friends. Thank you for honoring him and capturing his spirit with your heartfelt words.”

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your words of comfort during (name) memorial service. We are encouraged and blessed to know that he/she will be in the company of our Lord.”

“We wish to express sour sincere appreciation for all your love and supporting during our time of loss. Thank you all for the acts of kindness shown to our family.”

“We would like to offer our thanks for the wonderful service you performed for us. Your sympathetic words were very soothing and comforted and brought hope to all who were present. We truly appreciate your services.”

“You said you would always be there for our family and you were. Thank you for that. I love you.”

Here is a look at some great tips and details to pay attention to when it comes to planning a funeral. From choosing the service time to burial preference, this video will help to better prepare you during a time of difficulty.

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