25 Greatest Daddy Yankee Quotes Of All Time

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Daddy Yankee is a singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer who is one of the pioneering reggaetón artists who helped establish a mainstream market for the music style.

From humble beginnings with independently released mixtapes that he himself produced, he went on to become the co-owner of the record company ‘El Cartel Records’. 

Following his international success, he was named among 100 most influential people by ‘Time’ magazine, bagged endorsements for brands like Reebok and Pepsi, and signed a $20 million contract with Interscope Records.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Daddy Yankee quotes:


25 Greatest Daddy Yankee Quotes Of All Time

1. “I have a record I love, ‘Limbo,’ which is very catchy.” – Daddy Yankee

2. “I’m representing for Latinos all over the world. … This ain’t a one-hit-wonder thing. It’s just the beginning. And it’s a special moment for me and my culture.” – Daddy Yankee

3. “It’s the first time people will be able to see a reggaetone artist going on tour by himself, so it’s a new experience for me, but it’s not new because I’ve been doing this in clubs and performances all of my life.” – Daddy Yankee

4. “The best way to help the Latino community is to give back. I love giving back; I’m quiet about God and what I do, but we do a lot in the Dominican Republic.” – Daddy Yankee

5. “When I talk about the Internet, it’s because young people are there. TV and radio are still what moves the masses, and you can’t ignore that. But you also have to feed that monster that grows daily, which is the Internet.” – Daddy Yankee

6. “I feel so much pride to represent my community and be Latino. No doubt about it, above my career and sales being a Latino comes first.” – Daddy Yankee

7. “I’m not a machista that tells his girl what she has to put on. I let her be herself.” – Daddy Yankee

8. “In the past year, we didn’t have a true genre that speaks for the Latino’s. Right now we have that with the reggaetone.” – Daddy Yankee

9. “That song Oye Mi Canto was the key to introduce reggaeton to the masses. It’s like what Rapper’s Delight (by the Sugarhill Gang) was for the hip-hop movement in the early ’80s.” – Daddy Yankee

10. “We took dancehall and hip-hop and mixed it in the middle. I knew we had something. I thought This sound is Puerto Rican sound.” – Daddy Yankee

11. “I am excited about the great opportunity this new radio show will give my Hispanic community.” – Daddy Yankee

12. “I’m from the crime capital / And the air smells like death that eats everything that lives / If it was up to me / I would reunite every gang in the name of the fearless people that have fallen / I am a valiant man who’s just asking you to stop spilling innocent blood.” – Daddy Yankee

13. “I’m not a machista that tells his girl what she has to put on. I let her be herself.” – Daddy Yankee

14. “Reggaeton means the same thing to Latino youth as hip-hop does to African-American kids. We didn’t have artists to look up to before. But the young kids now, they’re looking at Daddy Yankee and Tego Calderon and Ivy Queen-like kids in the American ‘hood look up to 50 Cent or 2Pac. I’m representing for my culture and my people. It’s their music.” – Daddy Yankee

15. “They thought I was a friend of mine, … It’s the same thing that happens in the ‘hood here. I was the victim, but it wasn’t for me.” – Daddy Yankee

16. “You can see that he invests time to develop excellent work that differentiates itself from others. I’m always looking to be a leader, and Carlos knows how to stay on the forefront and create things that have never been launched before. Fans have a lot of options, and we need to stay on top with unique ideas.” – Daddy Yankee

17. “Getting your education is an advantage you have.” – Daddy Yankee

18. “I would rather be the tail of a lion than the head of a mouse.” – Daddy Yankee

19. “I’ve been through a lot of beef with other singers, but it’s all verbal.” – Daddy Yankee

20. “Our aim is to establish El Cartel as not just another tequila but part of the club and party lifestyle. There are several songs where I mention the brand name, and a lot of these party songs go hand in hand with the concept of Cartel Tequila.” – Daddy Yankee

21. “The shooters had mistaken me for someone else. I entered a total rebellious phase. It completely changed me.” – Daddy Yankee

22. “Any club is important. All Latin music movements are born in clubs. There is no better research than going to a club. If your music works, it will bounce up.” – Daddy Yankee

23. “I know how to read people. When you grow up in a rough environment, you have to have a sixth sense.” – Daddy Yankee

24. “I’ve always dreamed of touring by myself. We’re introducing reggaeton to the masses now. We’ve been doing this for the last 13 years, so for the Latin community, this is not new. But this tour is not just for the Latin community. It’s for everybody.” – Daddy Yankee

25. “Limbo’ has been one of the greatest hits of my career. A great response all over the world, not just Latinos but people in Europe and America.” – Daddy Yankee



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