25 Greatest Shawn Wayans Quotes

Which are the best Shawn Wayans quotes?

Shawn Wayans is an American actor, DJ, producer, writer, and comedian. Wayans won a ‘BET Comedy Award’ for Outstanding Writing for a Box Office Movie ‘White Chicks’.

He is perhaps best known for his role, playing a pair of FBI agents forced to masquerade as spoiled white blonde heiresses in the movie ‘White Chicks’. After he produced and wrote the film ‘Dance Flick’ in 2009 he has been relatively quiet in Hollywood.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Shawn Wayans quotes:


25 Greatest Shawn Wayans Quotes

1. “I knew when I was 6. I just knew it; I didn’t care about anything else. If I didn’t make it in this world, I would probably be homeless. I gave myself that little to fall back on.” – Shawn Wayans

2. “People are expecting things. In the first one, no one was expecting anything. They were saying, Oh my God, I can’t believe these guys are doing this.” – Shawn Wayans

3. “We all write, but the script is a blueprint. We can lose whole scenes when we’re shooting.” – Shawn Wayans

4. “We make a family environment, it’s fun, everybody knows what needs to be done, Keenen oversees the whole thing, we respect him, he respects us.” – Shawn Wayans

5. “You lose your privacy, and sometimes, people don’t see you as human.” – Shawn Wayans

6. “For Scary Movie 2, we had a due date and had to work fast. And though there’s a lot of pressure, as artists, we just block it out. So really, the pressure comes from us. That’s how the first movie happened. There was no outside pressure: we wanted to hit the audience hard.” – Shawn Wayans

7. “Now we have to hit them from a different angle.” – Shawn Wayans

8. “To us, it’s just kind of starting to tap into our audience, and we’re excited. We need to be
part of that transition because it is pop culture.” – Shawn Wayans

9. “We have always had gross humor. But we try for funny, not gross.” – Shawn Wayans


10th of 25 Shawn Wayans Quotes 

10. “You have to step up to the plate, and then hit one out of the park.” – Shawn Wayans


11. “Any time something does that well, you gotta follow up.” – Shawn Wayans

12. “It’s like hard meets soft. The thug is how they dress, kind of street, but they’re good kids and they make the right decisions.” – Shawn Wayans

13. “They’ll say, That’s funny, but you can’t do that on TV.” – Shawn Wayans

14. “We grew up in the Garbage Pail Kids era with the Wacky Packs. We miss that kind of fun we used to have when we were kids, flipping through the packs and chewing the gum and reading the funny little jokes.” – Shawn Wayans

15. “Women don’t like advice. They don’t want you to fix their problems, they just want you to listen.” – Shawn Wayans

16. “And with our family, we are trying to extend our brand.” – Shawn Wayans

17. “It’s an exciting sport. It’s fresh, even though it’s been around for a while. For us, it’s just starting to tap into our audience.” – Shawn Wayans

18. “There were challenges with production because of the special effects. There are just some things that, although written, special effects just isn’t able to do.” – Shawn Wayans

19. “We did a lot of press for the last film and now for this one. We don’t rest on our laurels.” – Shawn Wayans


20th of 25 Shawn Wayans Quotes 

20. “We still have that same burn, to get that same kind of laughs. So whether the studio wants us to or not, we’re going to do it. The money is just a byproduct of coming out with good stuff. Our whole thing is building that rapport with the audience.” – Shawn Wayans


21. “A lot of the jokes had some build-up to some nasty stuff. But most of it was all character situations leading to what the ultimate payoff would be for that character.” – Shawn Wayans

22. “If you keep up with pop culture, everybody knows the joke.” – Shawn Wayans

23. “The studios want this from us, but it’s not all we do. So the next couple of movies we have planned, we want to do just a regular, funny comedy.” – Shawn Wayans

24. “We definitely have our finger on the pulse. You have to keep up. We decide what to watch by what’s funny.” – Shawn Wayans

25. “We pay homage to the people who came before, doing satires, like Mel Brooks; we’re just carrying the torch.” – Shawn Wayans



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