25 Irrational Black Woman Memes

Are you looking for some irrational black woman memes?

Apparently, this meme reflects how African American women are portrayed in TV shows and movies as having irrational expectations when it comes to men or their partners. Scroll down through our collection and see if it’s true enough.

All The Good Black Men

Won’t Tolerate A Man’s Disrespect

A Man Should Never Hit A Woman

I’m A Mature Black Woman

Ask For Honesty

Been Used And Heartbroken

Complain About Down Low Brothas

Hiphop Is Disrespectful To Women

Domestic Violence Is Unacceptable

No Good Black Men

Hates Jerks

Hops Over McDonald’s Counter

I Am Not Materialistic

I Wish Men Would Stay Out

Make Advice Spinoff

Men Can’t Manage Money

I Want My Man’s Support

Negatively Portrayed In Media

Proud To Be Black

Team Light Skin

Wants To Discuss Hiphop

Why Are You Looking At

Women Must Still Follow

Won’t Date Man With A Kid

You Don’t Have A Car

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