25 Netflix Memes To Show Our Unending Passion

Netflix and chill. How many times have we heard this? And whoever said we can’t commit to a workout has never heard of Netflix Marathon Nights. Our love for Netflix can sometimes rival affections for our siblings. Facts Only. Proof: You intentionally didn’t order your brother’s favorite Pineapple Pizza because it’s his night to choose the movies.

To celebrate our undying support and commitment, let’s enjoy 25 Netflix memes from around the web.

1. I Don’t Really Do Netflix, But I’ll Try It Out

2. I’m Just Gonna Watch Episode 1, I Swear.

3. Hook Me Up With My Netflix Fix

4. Biggest Problem On A Sunday Night

5. Why Do I Feel Like A Criminal?

6. I Work Out Regularly

7. Voracious And Emotional

8. Chips and Soda, You Should Prepare

9. The Pressure To Figure Out Your Life

10. Honey, Can You Check With The Neighbors?

11. It’s The Last One. I Promise

12. Netflix Version

13. It’s The Most Important Part

14. Can I Skip It?

15. Our Hero

16. My Precious!

17. Sit Down Netflix

18. What Happened?

19. I’m Sad Now

20. Couch Potato

21. I Stay Winning

22. The Friend of Your Cousin’s Friend’s Netflix Account

23. Is This A Dare?

24. Am I?

25. I’m Good. Thank You

Did you have fun? Don’t forget to pick your favorite Netflix meme to share on social media.

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