25 Powerful and Inspirational Timbaland Quotes

Timothy Zachary Mosley, “Timbaland”, is an American record producer, rapper, singer and DJ. He is best known for producing the track ‘Cry Me A River’ performed by Justin Timberlake.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most inspirational Timbaland quotes, that comes from his own lyrics in his songs. Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to share this list with all your friends and family using the share bars on the page.

Here are the greatest Timbaland quotes of all time:


25 Timbaland Quotes

1. “Everyone wants to work with the big new producer or the hot new singer. The key is to find them before they’re hot.” – Timbaland

2. “My style is to take something unexpected and make it into a hit. That’s what I do.” – Timbaland

3. “I try to be as normal as I can.” – Timbaland

4. “I know somebody in every culture.” – Timbaland

5. “It hurts when people put you down.” – Timbaland

6. “Greatness can never be over because you can lay it down for a minute.” – Timbaland

7. “I have been through some junk. It ain’t all been peaches and cream.” – Timbaland

8. “I wanna be selective… very selective. Right now, hip-hop’s very boring for me. It’s no excitement.” – Timbaland


9th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

9. “I don’t think about other people. If I did, I’d wanna compete. But I don’t think like that, because I’m above everybody.” – Timbaland


10. “The same people who smile in my face would be the same ones to talk behind my back.” – Timbaland

11. “I never had any plans to become a producer when I was a kid. I wanted to be a DJ, like most other kids at the time. Then my mum bought me a Casio keyboard and I started to sample sounds that I liked.” – Timbaland

12. “You don’t question where the music comes from, because it all comes from God.” – Timbaland

13. “Good production is like a beautiful marriage. It makes a happy home.” – Timbaland

14. “I don’t have the beef with anybody.” – Timbaland

15. “I have ideas whirring around my head all the time.” – Timbaland

16. “I’ve always tried different stuff in the studio. I use rakes, spoons, cans… I’m a surround-sound type of guy.” – Timbaland

17. “I’m weird, I do crazy things, it’s not like the average norm.” – Timbaland


18th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

18. “An artist doesn’t make you bigger than life – being that person that can break artists can make you bigger than life.” – Timbaland


19. “People do not respect music anymore… They go by what’s hot… If you’re hot, you deserve 4 or 5 Grammys… Madonna is a genius and she only has 2 or 3 Grammys… What is that about?” – Timbaland

20. “I work out all the time. I love it.” – Timbaland

21. “I listen to a lot of alternative types of music: I listen to a lot of Chinese music, I listen to a lot of Asian music. It might surprise you, but I listen to a lot of Arabic music. And I don’t care – music is music.” – Timbaland

22. “It’s probably hard to be married to me. It’s not easy.” – Timbaland

23. “I’m making music the way I would have done before modern equipment and music recording.” – Timbaland


24th of 25 Timbaland Quotes

24. “Don’t get in my personal life.” – Timbaland


25. “I’m trying to do something really different; I’m trying to bring the street to really pop.” – Timbaland



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