25 Selfie Meme That Are Too Real


If there is one thing that effectively defines today’s generation, it will be the selfie. A lot of people spend a good time perfecting it, even taking dozens of shots just to get the correct angle and lighting. Unfortunately, getting that perfect selfie isn’t always possible and this selfie meme collection can show you exactly why.

Scroll down and be prepared to have a good laugh!

Annabelle Be Like

Back In My Day


But First

Gonna Eat That Guy


How I Look

I Don’t Always Do Selfies

If I Ever Go Missing

I Tell You

Mr Bean Did It

No Selfie Stick?

Oh…Another Selfie?

Oh, So You Upload

Oh Yay!

Old School Selfie

Selfie Time?

Stop Editing Your Pics!

Take Another Selfie

That’s A No Make Up Selfie?

The First Selfie

Twerking And Selfie

Wait A Minute

What If

Your Selfie

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