25 Stoner Dog Memes That Are Too Hilarious You Can’t Contain Your High

Life’s not the easiest to get around to. Career goals, failures, expectations, endless bills… trying your best to be coherent when you’re high (weeeh). At least your mom’s pantry is fully stocked with snackies; although not for long it won’t be.

When things around you go too bland or serious, remember there are plenty of stoner memes on the internet to crack you up. You know what’s better than stoner memes? Stoner dog memes. We all love good bois but a stoned good boi? That’s like loads of extra mozzarella cheese on your pizza.

Here we’ve collected 25 stoner dog memes that are just too… heavenly. You know what they say (don’t know who), the only way to see heaven is to go high, but only ’cause it’s up there. Ok bye.

An Awful Day At Work

Check Shoulder For Lane Change

Chicken Pot Pie

Want To Come Up For A Coffee

Don’t Apply For Jobs

God Could Make A Bong

Dude, Dude…

Gotta Have My Bowl

What Were We Talking About

High As A Kite

If You Say Jesus Backwards

Just Kidding

Man’s Best Bud

Eyes Are So Red

Inordinate Amount Of Cheese

Preheat Oven For A Pizza

Go For Walk

Sit At Intersection

Smoke Induced Coma

If I Smoke One More

Wait Till You Die

If We All Blinked

When The Fridge Door Closes

When You’re Not On It

Where Is My Lighter

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