25 Surprisingly Inspirational Papoose Quotes

Papoose is an American rapper and songwriter. He signed with ‘Jive Records’.Papoose won the ‘Justo Mixtape Award’ for’ Best Underground Artist’ in 2005. Throughout his career, as of March 2014, Papoose has released 28 mixtapes as of March 2014.

Besides music he also starred in the spin-off show ‘Remy & Papoose: Meet the Mackies’, ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’, and ‘Dirty Little Secrets’.

Here’s our collection of the most inspirational Papoose quotes:


25 Surprisingly Inspirational Papoose Quotes

1. “Gave it to funk flex, he bombed it. Now the stakes are high, like the top shelf of da meat market.” – Papoose

2. “I rolled 666 and beat the devil at dice.” – Papoose

3. “Remy look good in person jus like she do in the magazine, so ima stay close to Ms. Martin like Dr. King.” – Papoose

4. “The judge threw the book at my man, judges like throwin’ books so I throw magazines.” – Papoose

5. “Who want beef? Act loud and bleed. I stop n***as from wantin’ beef like the mad cow disease.” – Papoose

6. “Don’t like sittin’ the pen it stinks, but in Brooklyn we sit in the pens like ink.” – Papoose

7. “I had to back my gun out in the deli he so simple. I told the n***a make my sandwich with no pickles.” – Papoose

8. “Killers’ll put the glocks to your memory. Ima son of a gun, so if I’m coming my pops comin’ with me.” – Papoose

9. “Thats why I give it to him give it to him with no hesitation. You a coward I push your sh*t back like constipation.” – Papoose


10th of 25 Papoose Quotes 

10. “When it comes to spendin money I stop at no price. I take a long time to stop spinnin (spendin) like the last dice.” – Papoose


11. “Blow so much weed clouds dudes need umbrellas to smoke a blunt with me.” – Papoose

12. “I dont know what you actin heartless for, when you know you a target like a department store.” – Papoose

13. “If I know you, ill loan you a gun, I cant provide it. Bring my gun back, ill give you your money back, N***A BUY IT!” – Papoose

14. “That weed keep my mind out tha gutter, so I stay HI like the word we use to greet each other.” – Papoose

15. “They say life is short, yes it’s small. And a grave is six feet, so I guess death is tall.” – Papoose

16. “Before you go on the booth to talk about papoose, always remember, the vocal booth sound proof, not bullet proof!” – Papoose

17. “I don’t care who offended cause I handle my business. The gun stay in my jeans, genes like its family resemblance.” – Papoose

18. “I would stick the gun in son hoodie, but that would be statutory rape if I f**k wit a young p***y.” – Papoose

19. “Stop living in denial, the nile is a river in Egypt.” – Papoose


20th of 25 Papoose Quotes 

20. “They know I bring it straight to the mic like I draft Kobe.” – Papoose


21. “A n***a knock on my door wit a gun imma let him in, then imma oput everything I got in his head n chin.” – Papoose

22. “I come with a bang like a pony tail.” – Papoose

23. “I say what I mean, mean what I say when I spit these records, so if I ever said I meant it(minute) like 60 seconds.” – Papoose

24. “So son of a gun, I’m from the bridge. So if you a son of a gun, I’m bangin ya pops at his kids.” – Papoose

25. “These psychotic n****z envy me, and wanna be nuts.but I bust nuts, like my genitals sexually.” – Papoose



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