25 Surprisingly Motivational Flo Rida Quotes

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Flo Rida is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer. He is best known for his ability to churn out catchy tunes and impressive hits make him a real success story in the hip-hop world.

He first rose to fame after released his debut solo album, ‘Mail on Sunday’ which includes the first single with T-Pain called ‘Low’. The track later reached the top spot on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’.

He has many international hit singles such as ‘Right Round’, ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’, ‘Good Feeling’, ‘Wild Ones’, ‘Whistle’, ‘I Cry’, ‘G.D.F.R.’ and ‘My House’.

We’ve put together this collection of the most motivational Flo Rida quotes:


25 Surprisingly Motivational Flo Rida Quotes

1. “I love my fans, so when I get the chance to interact with them, it’s beautiful.” – Flo Rida

2. “I’m a perfectionist, and I’m not going to let the world hear a record until it’s ready.” – Flo Rida

3. “I’ve always known, before I had a record deal, that the thing is to go out and put on the show. I’ve been doing that from day one.” – Flo Rida

4. “Music was definitely a way out. Instead of playing basketball, I was going to recording studios.” – Flo Rida

5. “With my charity Big Dreams For Kids, I believe the more you give, the more you receive.” – Flo Rida

6. “I like to take music from everywhere and put it in my style and let it be accepted.” – Flo Rida

7. “I’m a guy who just loves to reinvent myself.” – Flo Rida

8. “I’m not the only one in the studio a lot of times, so I have my boys in there and they’ll tell me and give me their suggestions and what they think.” – Flo Rida

9. “Music is my life, and if I like a song, chances are the world will also.” – Flo Rida


10th of 25 Flo Rida Quotes 

10. “When I found out that my mom was sneaking listening to my music, I decided to make sure that my music is very clean.” – Flo Rida


11. “I definitely want my fans to know that I’m here to stay, and I’m going to continue to give them hot music.” – Flo Rida

12. “I write all the time, even if it means recording in the hotel room. I write on the plane, anywhere, anytime I’m inspired or have ideas.” – Flo Rida

13. “I’m just not sticking to one thing. I like to have fun with it. I like to spread myself in many ways, so you’re gonna get all types of music.” – Flo Rida

14. “It’s always overwhelming when you come to another country and you’re embraced in such a positive way.” – Flo Rida

15. “The fans are always at the hotel waiting, they like to get pictures and autographs. I enjoy it all, the displays of love and support at the hotel and the shows.” – Flo Rida

16. “Growing up in my household with seven women, I’d hear all types of music.” – Flo Rida

17. “I think just growing up in Miami, there’s gumbo of different cultures that influence us.” – Flo Rida

18. “I’m influenced by all types of music.” – Flo Rida

19. “If they can go out and buy my albums, I can at least make the sacrifice to holler at the few people who call. A lot of times I’m busy so they’ll get my voice mail. And if I can speak to them and I have time, I always text back. Because I think that’s very important.” – Flo Rida


20th of 25 Flo Rida Quotes 

20. “Starting out with music, I was very successful, and me getting into film, I definitely look forward to giving it my all. What you put in is what you get out.” – Flo Rida


21. “Giving is most important to show the less fortunate that you don’t give up. You always want to live a better life.” – Flo Rida

22. “I love to do something that’s challenging to myself, and just to see the success, it makes me go harder and harder the next time.” – Flo Rida

23. “I’m always around people who want to drink very expensive champagne. But only when it’s a celebration of success.” – Flo Rida

24. “I’ve worked with so many different artists, and I’m always willing to expand and do some new fun things as long as the music is fun and the fans appreciate it worldwide.” – Flo Rida

25. “My first love was basketball, but that wasn’t gonna launch me, and I knew I had to get into other things. So me and my friends, we started making mix CDs and going down to South Beach or to the parking lot at Pitbull concerts to spend all night hustling.” – Flo Rida



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