25 Sweet Vmin Memes For Soulmates

Vmin is the ship name of BTS’ V and Jimin. They call each other soulmates and bestfriends. This is very apt since they go way way back even before the group was formed. They were schoolmates and friends. As the lyrics of their unit song goes:

Our conversations were like homework
BFFs on one day, enemies on another…
Heartfelt stories filling the school bus
Now we go out to drive together

They fight over chips and dumplings but write each other tear-filled sincere letters. They’re the absolute meaning of a longstanding friendship.

And yet! Sometimes, shippers just can’t get over how the sweetness seems to border on the romantic? Check out these cute vmin memes that will surely having you wish you had a Taehyung to your Jimin.

H-he’s Always Watching Vmin

vmin always watching memes

Vmin Be Like

vmin be like memes

Taehyung’s Hand On Jimin’s Tiny Waist


vmin beautiful previews memes

Vmin Being Chaotic

vmin being chaotic memes

When Bestfriends Start Talking About Their Relationships

vmin bestfriends memes

The Dumpling Incident

vmin dumpling incident memes

They Fought About Dumplings

vmin dumplings memes

Forgive Me

vmin eat me memes

Hello Vmin

vmin fansign memes

He Even Filmed Park Jimin

vmin filmed memes


vmin flip the bottle memes

Vmin And Their Intense Hair Colors

vmin hair colors memes

Not Sure If It’s BTS Bon Voyage Season 2

vmin honeymoon memes

Why Does Jimin Look Like Those Boys Taehyung’s Mom Warned Him About

vmin jimin look memes

My Heart

vmin my heart memes

Th They Said I Am Not Gucci

vmin not gucci memes

Objectively Speaking Vmin 

vmin objectively speaking memes

Why Does This Look Like Jimin Just Asked V To Prom

vmin prom memes

Find Someone Who Looks At You 

vmin puppies memes

Jimin’s First Instinct When He Noticed Taehyung Pretending To Cry

vmin relationship goals memes

Remember When Taehyung Was Sleeping On Jimin’s Lap

vmin remember memes

Same Energy

vmin same energy memes

When You Are Missing Your Soulmates

vmin soulmates memes

I Don’t Understand

vmin stare memes

When Your Friend Tell You A Joke

vmin tell a joke memes

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