25 Weight Loss Memes You’d Lose Calories LOLing At

When you’re trying to lose weight and your friend walks in your room with 2 boxes of pizza and declares a movie night. Yeah, Cheat Day #4 for the week.

Does this sound familiar? Well, that’s because we all are going through or have gone through the same day as you.

Come enjoy these weight loss memes to lighten up your dieting heart.

After An Hour

On a diet for months

First Day in the Gym

Halfway To Weight Loss

Best Part Of Life

IDK Why I’m Not Losing Weight

Weight to lose

I’m Gonna Lose Weight

When You Start

Looking At Bread

Looking At Bread

Lost One Pound

What do you do for fun?

Not Sure

On Day 3

One Does Not

Wrap it up!

Promised Myself

When You Lose Weight

 I compel thee

Weight Loss

Hold Up! Hold Up!

When You’re About

When You’re On A Diet

When You Start Seeing Progress

Did you order A Large Diet Coke?


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