26 Bold Shah Rukh Khan Quotes About Success & Life

The one and only Shah Rukh Khan;

Khan is known for his incredible skills as an actor in India. He’s been in multiple Indian movies and is nicknamed as ‘The King of Bollywood”.

SRK is one of the highest paid actors in the world, and now the richest actor in the world, and we’ve put together this awesome collection of Shah Rukh Khan quotes to celebrate:

Here are 26 illuminating quotes from Shah Rukh Khan himself:


26 Illuminating Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

1. “Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.”– Shah Rukh Khan

2. “My biggest achievement is that I can make people smile just by my presence.”– Shah Rukh Khan

3. “There is only one religion in the world – hard work.”– Shah Rukh Khan

4. “It’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all clarity in the world.”– Shah Rukh Khan

5. “Money is a good thing to run after. It is very important to be financially stable but you have to keep your wrongs and rights in mind. Don’t shy away from earning but without selling your soul.”– Shah Rukh Khan

6. “There is no such thing as normal. Normal is just another word for lifeless.”– Shah Rukh Khan

7. “There might come a time when you feel lonely. That is when your creativity will be like your best friend.”– Shah Rukh Khan

8. “Success is not a good teacher. Failure makes you humble.”– Shah Rukh Khan

9. “A moment will come when there isn’t anything that’s going right. But don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it. All you have to do is make a move and move on a bit.”– Shah Rukh Khan


10th of 26 Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

10. “Whatever it is that pulling you back, is not going away unless you stand up and start forging your path in the opposite direction. Stop whining and start moving.”- Shah Rukh Khan


11. “Art is more important than the artist – have no attachment to your own art. It is regressive, move on.”– Shah Rukh Khan

12.”If you aren’t charged up about doing something, if you don’t have what in Hindi we call the “Josh”, the fire in your belly for it, then don’t do it.”– Shah Rukh Khan

13. “Making the mistake of thinking your dreams will take flight without you having to flap madly at those wings to get up into the sky, is plain silly.”– Shah Rukh Khan

14. “Don’t let your fears become boxes that enclose you. Open them out, feel them, and turn them into the greatest courage you are capable of.”– Shah Rukh Khan

15. “The innermost secrets you should confide to your mother and your fears to your father. I have neither, so I end up confiding it to my acting.”– Shah Rukh Khan

16. “Every morning I wake up and think of the same thing that this is the first shot of my life so I better make it stick.” – Shah Rukh Khan

17. “Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don’t be bound by rules, don’t hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else’s dream.”– Shah Rukh Khan

18. “Don’t ever treat your little insanities as if they are aberrations that ought to be hidden from the rest of the world.”– Shah Rukh Khan

19. “As an adult, I have come to understand that there is nothing of more value than your capacity for diligence and your ability to work hard.”– Shah Rukh Khan


20th of 26 Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

20.”I realize that things don’t always need to be functional to fulfill a need. Sometimes when things are broken, the greatest creativity emanates from their fragments.”- Shah Rukh Khan


21 “When you get to be 50, you will know that the bulk of your regrets are from not having done what you wished to do.”– Shah Rukh Khan

22. “Laziness isn’t merely a physical phenomenon, about being a couch potato, stuffing your face with fries and watching cricket all day. It’s a mental thing, too, and that’s the part I have never aspired for.”– Shah Rukh Khan

23. “Without hurting anybody, we all tend to laugh at others’ discomfort. When someone slips on a banana skin and falls it’s funny.”– Shah Rukh Khan

24. “I have lived in Mumbai for more than 20 years, have my domicile here, my home and family here.”– Shah Rukh Khan

25. “Youngsters are the most discerning audience. They want entertainment, they want issues.”– Shah Rukh Khan

26. “When I think back on it, of course, I got lucky and got great directors and good breaks but all that was the physical part. But what made me a star was that I could take a chance and not have anything to worry about in terms of losing.” – Shah Rukh Khan



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