26 Reasons to Finally Stop Eating Junk Food

I was recently watching a documentary featuring the ‘Subway guy’, where he went
to various events across the country as the spokesman for Subway. I forget his
name, and I’m pretty sure he’s in prison now.

Anyway… there was an 18-year-old girl on the show who was speaking with the
spokesman. She was clearly obese, and then she said something which genuinely
made me sick:

“I want to learn more about this all Subway diet, because I’ve tried
everything else, and this is the only thing that will work. So I have to do it.”

What the hell have we done to the future generation’s belief and value systems to
make them seriously believe that eating fast food is the only way to lose weight, or
even a way to lose weight in the first place.

This comment clearly came from someone who didn’t want to work hard to be fit
and healthy. They were clearly looking for an easy way out to enjoy addictive food
as well as lose weight.

Anyway, I’m digressing…


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26 Reasons to Finally Stop Eating Junk Food

The point here is that the junk food industry is having more and more money
chucked into it every year, as we as a nation become more and more obese.

There’s a McDonald’s on virtually every corner, and we’re slowly making ourselves
more and more unhealthy as time goes on.

If we continue at this rate, it’s clear that it’s only downhill for future generations. Here are 26 reasons to finally stop eating junk food:


1. Junk food is an addiction

Junk food is an addiction. There are additives and high sugar content in most
types of junk food that causes us to become addicted. Sugar is addictive. If you
eat this stuff regularly, and then stop you will get withdrawal symptoms.

Beat the addiction. Don’t let something so small gain power over you.


2. Fast food is the #1 cause of obesity

Fast food is the number 1 leading cause of obesity in America, and potentially
the world. Since it’s so addictive, as we mentioned above, people eat a lot of it.

Plus, due to the high carbohydrate and fat content, it becomes the biggest
contributor to obesity and people being overweight in general.


3. Poisonous ingredients are often contained within different types of fast food

Some of the ingredients contained within fast food like the McDonald’s burgers
are actually poisonous to the human body until combined or sprayed with
something else.

McDonald’s have just been forced to change their burger recipe due to the meat
not being edible for human consumption until sprayed with chemicals.


4. Low in quality nutrition value

Well, it’s no secret that this sh***y quick-fix food isn’t going to be nutritious. The
lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that people can get from
organic food, is astounding.


5. Your health is very much at risk

Due to all the additives and other c**p in junk food, plus the way fast food is
created, your health is on the edge if you submit your body to this type of food.


6. We need to set an example for the future generation

What examples are we setting for the future generation if we start regularly
eating and promoting fast food? As generations pass, we will become worse and

It’s important that we set an example.


7. The animals involved are often treated poorly and raised in
disgusting conditions

We’ve all seen the leaked videos. The animals involved within the fast food
industry are often mistreated, and subjected to harsh conditions.

Now this isn’t necessarily just the fast food industry in which animals face these
conditions, but it’s a common occurrence.


8. Artificial trans-fats are very harmful

Artificial trans-fats are created through a harsh chemical process. They are not
even suitable for human consumption, and yet they are included in fast food.

That’s a BIG deal.


9. The fast food industry damages the environment

Lots of hazardous waste is created through the fast food production process, and
this damages the environment. The difference between this and organic food?

Organic food doesn’t have any of these typical production processes resulting in
hazardous waste.


10. Look what happened on ‘Supersize Me’

If you haven’t watched the documentary called Supersize Me, where a guy eats
McDonald’s every meal for a whole month.

The results are not good. Throwing up, huge weight gain. Nausea, fatigue,
increased cholesterol. He was even told we was going to die.

Junk Food Fatigue - Stop Eating Junk Food

11. Too much fast food can result in you being chronically fatigued

Eating junk food actually has a big effect on the way you feel, and your energy
levels. Those who eat junk food regularly can easily suffer from fatigue.


12. Fast food is likely to increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood

We’ve known for a long time that fast food increases the levels of bad cholesterol
(LDL) in your blood. This puts your heart at a big risk.


13. One big mac meal contains over 1/2 of the amount of our daily recommended sodium intake

A big mac meal contains 1,325 mg of sodium! This is actually almost all of the
daily recommended maximum we should consume.

The recommended sodium intake for adults is around 1,500 to 2000 mg per day
and no more! However, it’s quite clear that junk food almost instantly gives you
that amount.


14. Even as a cheat meal, the carbs in this food will ruin all chances of weight loss

Fast food and junk food contain a lot of carbohydrates. A lot. And we’re not even
talking about complex carbs. We’re talking simple, sugary carbs, which contribute
to fat gain and higher risk of diseases.


15. The grease associated with fast food can block your arteries

When it comes to fast food, there’s a lot of grease involved. This grease can
build up and block your arteries, restricting the blood flow to your heart.

This ends up making your heart work faster to pump blood around the body, and
causing heart attacks.


16. There are a lot of different hormones included which can
unnaturally accelerate puberty

The hormones contained in these types of food can accelerate the rate of
puberty, which isn’t exactly a good thing.

I doubt you’d want your children’s natural hormone production tampered with
because of some chemically induced burger.


17. All the packaging becomes a product of littering

Unfortunately, most of the packaging used goes to landfill, and due to the drive-through chains and nature in which fast food is purchased, a lot of it is littered

You probably walk down the road a lot and see KFC or McDonald’s containers
here and there.


18. Poor hygiene from staff members

We’re all aware that it doesn’t take much to become a fast food employee. And hygiene is often lacking, from both the staff, and the working conditions.

Which begs the question, do you really want someone with poor hygiene handling your food?


19. We are only helping promote poor health and diseases

If we continue to support fast food chains, buy from them and take our children to
them, we are essentially promoting poor health and diseases by doing so.


20. There’s money being thrown into unhealthy food, but not organic, nutrient rich food

Billions of dollars is being thrown into fast food chains, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and such. Why isn’t more money being thrown into organic ingredients that are actually good for us?


21. Fast food is making us lazier as a whole

Not only is it bad for our health, but it’s making us lazier. We don’t have to cook,
because we can just get take-out. And now, we can even get fast food delivered to us.

We’re becoming incredibly lazy.


22. Ditching junk food can protect your brain cells and improve brain function

Organic food contains a lot of nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that all contribute to proper bodily health in one way or another.

All of these elements can help to protect the fat in your brain, improve things like
concentration, memory, focus, energy and such.

Ditching junk food, which is not rich in these nutrients, means you’ll be eating more nutrient-rich food and protecting your brain health.


23. Places like McDonald’s are reeling children and parents in with the “healthy options” and toys, in the hopes of hooking them on the harder stuff later

Recently, McDonald’s have been heavily promoting their healthy snacks and alternatives for children, mainly because they have to nowadays. However, they’ve been giving away free toys in happy meals for years.

The issue is that children become brainwashed, and ingrained with the memories of delicious food at McDonald’s. When they grow up, they stick with fat food and move onto the harder stuff.


24. The free drinks and fries with every meal are having a huge impact on our sugar intake

A free cup of coca cola and a portion of fries; not a bad incentive right?

Downside is the amount of sugar you’re consuming here with these ‘free’ extras, is lethal. Plus, since it’s cheap to add these to your meals, you can easily consume a lot
more sugar than you think without realizing it.


25. Regular intake of fast food can lead to diabetes

Fast food raises your blood sugar levels dramatically, and studies have been shown that after just one week of eating fast foods, people started developing fatty livers.

Diabetes can easily be caused by eating too much junk food.


26. Short term happiness leads to long term sadness

Lastly on the list, is the most important take-away. With anything in life, if you opt for short-term happiness, you will receive long term sadness.

In other words, delicious and fast food will be great whilst you’re eating it, but lead to illness, fat gain and other symptoms causing you to be miserable. It’s the same for anything.



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on some of the essential reasons why you should finally stop eating fast food.

For me, the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ really opened my eyes. If you haven’t already seen it, have a quick search for it online. It’s a solid documentary, so definitely give it a watch.

Junk food is seriously harmful to our bodies, and it’s quickly overrunning our lives. We need to be careful before things get out of hand. The consequences are endless.

Are you trying to stop eating junk food? Leave a comment below.

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