27 T.I Quotes About Fear, Hate and Life

T.I is a great rapper, but what makes his songs special the most, is some of the really inspirational lyrics he uses.

I don’t know if you’re the same as me, but whenever inspirational words are used in songs it feels a lot more inspirational to me, than if it was just spoken.

That’s why I love posting these quote articles on hip hop artists, because they always feel so inspirational when you hear them in the actual songs.

Here are some of my favorite T.I quotes about fear, hate and life.


27 T.I Quotes About Fear, Hate and Life

1. “Never mind what haters say, ignore ’em till they fade away.” – T.I

2. “If God’s with me, who can be against me?” T.I

3. “There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.” – T.I

4. “Stop looking at what you ain’t got and start being thankful for what you do got.” – T.I

5. “If you respect nothing else. You will respect this hustle.” – T.I

6. “Some of y’all are not where you want to be in life, yet you party every weekend. What exactly are you  celebrating?” – T.I

7. “Just don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence.” – T.I

8. “God will take you through hell, just to get you to heaven.” – T.I

9. “Fear ain’t in the heart of me, I learned just do it. You get courage from your fears right after you go through it.” – T.I


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10. “People hate it when you’re better than them. They ain’t hating, start worrying then.” – T.I


11. “Call me what you want. Wanna hate? Have a nice time!” – T.I

12. “Even when winning is illogical, losing still far from optional.” – T.I

13. “I’m always going to rise above the doubt that may exist about me.” – T.I

13. “I got a strong mind, and a kind heart, with a soft kiss, but I love hard.” – T.I

14. “Let the losers worry about losing.” – T.I

15. “At the end of the day, I got to live my life for my family, for my children, and I’m going to do what’s best for them.” – T.I

16. “Adversity builds character, and character takes you places money can’t.” – T.I

17. “Nobody is gonna love you like you. You’re gonna be your best salesman.” – T.I

18. “Everybody has something to sell. The greatest thing you can ever sell is an idea or talent.” – T.I

19. “I ain’t dead, I ain’t done. I ain’t scared, I ain’t run. No matter what, no matter what, still I stand.” – T.I


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20. “Refuse to give up, your mistakes don’t define you. They don’t dictate where you’re headed, they remind you.” – T.I


21. “I’m happy to be on a winning team. My individual success, that lasts for a short period of time. The success of being a part of the South, of Atlanta, which is now the hot bed of music, that’s what’s gonna last the longest. The fact that I contributed to planting our flag and moving music to my city, that’s what I’m most proud of.” – T.I

22. “It goes without saying that it’s hard to attain a certain level of success.” – T.I

23. “You know, when I put out records that may not work or connect with the audience, it’s because I’m pushing myself as an artist creatively, because I’m just bored doing what everyone wants me to do.” – T.I

24. “People put me on a box, and I love when people think they know what I am capable of or not capable of. I thrive off of that.” – T.I

25. “Man, I’m a conspiracy theorist by nature. You can’t experience the federal penal system and not be somewhat skeptical.” – T.I

26. “To expect for me to be one-way every time you see me is to expect me to be a one-dimensional man, which I’ve never been. I’ve always applauded my efforts to be diverse and multi-faceted.” – T.I

27. “I’m an ‘in the shower’ or ‘in the booth’ kind of singer. I can sing, but I need either nobody to be able to hear me, or for me to be able to redo it.” – T.I


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