28 Enlightening Paget Brewster Quotes

Paget Brewster is an American actress, voice actress, and singer.

She was first recognized for her role as Kathy on the fourth season of the sitcom ‘Friends’. She is best known for portraying Emily Prentiss on the CBS crime drama ‘Criminal Minds’.

Here’s a quick list of some of the popular films she’s starred in:

  • Let’s Talk about Sex
  • Friends
  • Criminal Minds
  • Man of The House
  • Uncle Nick
  • We’ve put together this incredible collection of some Paget Brewster quotes of all time:


    28 Paget Brewster Quotes

    1. “I’m not saying anything to denigrate ‘Criminal Minds’; that’s a great show. I just didn’t appreciate it anymore.”– Paget Brewster

    2. “Oh, my dating skills are the worst. No, I pick the wrong men; it’s amazing. I am awful, the worst dater.”– Paget Brewster

    3. “I know so many people who are so much better at it than I am, and I think I’m a goofier person rather than a serious, dramatic actress, so I probably belong in comedy.”– Paget Brewster

    4. “I’m not a super-actorly actor, my-body-is-an-instrument type of person, but I do want to do fun, exciting, interesting things. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser. I saved my money so I can take my time and choose something that I think is great, and that’s what I’m waiting for.”– Paget Brewster

    5. “If strength is measured by intelligence, honesty, and depth of character, then yes, strong women are hot as hell.”– Paget Brewster

    6. “Let’s throw it on the wall and see if it sticks.”– Paget Brewster

    7. “If you try to break into my house, you will be severely lacerated and possibly electrocuted, and I’m fine with that. Because if you’re breaking into my house, you’re on your own.”– Paget Brewster

    8. “I know how to fake someone out, if they break into my house, into thinking there are other people there.”– Paget Brewster

    9. “I’ve done a show at the Largo Theater called The ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour.’ We read, like, radio teleplays. It’s a send-up of radio dramas from the ’30s and ’40s.”- Paget Brewster


    10th of 28 Paget Brewster Quotes

    10. “I really didn’t feel challenged anymore. I wanted to learn something and be excited again… While it can be a family – that environment is actually a family – in the sense that also you sometimes hate each other. You can’t stand being around each other and grudges are held… I was getting cranky on ‘Criminal Minds.”- Paget Brewster


    11. “When you’re on an ensemble show and you’re messing around with everybody every day and you’re not in every scene, and then all of a sudden you’re in every scene, it’s rough.”– Paget Brewster

    12. “I had a stalker who was extremely violent. He broke into the studio with knives and I was locked in a bathroom.”– Paget Brewster

    13. “There’s great stuff out there, but I prefer doing a TV show, going to work every day with the same people, and a lot of stuff is not being shot in Los Angeles and I don’t really want to do that because my loved ones are here.”– Paget Brewster

    14. “Then they made me come back. I did, and I decided to enjoy it. It was one year. I care about everyone at ‘Criminal Minds’ but I knew, in my heart, I had left.”– Paget Brewster

    15. “I like everybody at ‘Criminal Minds.’ I would like to guest star, but I don’t know if that is in the cards.”– Paget Brewster

    16. “I’ve reached the point where I really can’t care what anyone thinks. Of course, I do. I’m an actress. I’m totally insecure, but I’m trying to stick to my guns about what is important to me, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks I should or shouldn’t do.”– Paget Brewster

    17. “True strength lies in our knowing, individually, what we are, who we are, and what we want.””I’m 43 now. I’ve reached the point where I really can’t care what anyone thinks. Of course, I do. I’m an actress. I’m totally insecure, but I’m trying to stick to my guns about what is important to me, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks I should or shouldn’t do.”– Paget Brewster

    18. “I’m like this wiry freak they pulled out of a bar two months ago and said, ‘Let’s throw it on the wall and see if it sticks.’”– Paget Brewster

    19. “After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on. As much as I will miss my ‘Criminal Minds’ family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities.”– Paget Brewster


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    20. “People come over, and we watch things like ‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special.’ I have a hot tub. Everybody puts on a bathing suit and we splash around.”- Paget Brewster


    21. “I was shooting Community and it was the pilot season, so my agents had sent a couple of scripts, and I didn’t really like anything. And lucky for me, I’ve been around a long time and I’ve saved my money, so I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.”– Paget Brewster

    22.”I was bartending, and Ricki Lake had just made a ton of money for Garth Ancier and 20th [Century Fox] or something, so every production company was signing anyone in their 20s.”– Paget Brewster

    23. “I had been doing a public access cable show called Strange America. I was bartending at a bar called The Slow Club in Portero Hill, and a guy hung out in my bar – because he lived around the corner – and he was a manager.”– Paget Brewster

    24.”I had seen an episode of Quincy about a bunch of people dying after a baseball game. He discovers they were poisoned with botulism because someone threw old pork chili into a sink and accidentally made botulism. I figured I could do that with pork chops in a jar of water.” – Paget Brewster

    25.”I had moved to Los Angeles and shot one pilot [World On A String] starring Dana Gould. It didn’t go. And then I auditioned for Kathy at Warner Brothers, and there were, like, three devastatingly beautiful young women in the room—you would know who they were—waiting to go in. When I went in and Matthew Perry was there… I’d watchedFriends, so this was terrifying to me.” – Paget Brewster


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    26. “But I had a black bob, and when I got Friends. I started rehearsing that week, and the hair people cut all my hair off and dyed it red. It took six hours of lightening to dye it red—and then when Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane came down to watch the first day, Kevin Bright starts screaming.” – Paget Brewster


    27. “Well, I think you probably have a nose for who’s interested and happy and fulfilled.” – Paget Brewster

    28. “But I love those guys. We’re all on a giant text chain, texting each other all the time. They’re great.” – Paget Brewster



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