29 Mariah Carey Quotes On Following Your Dreams

Mariah Carey is an American singer and songwriter from New York. She has been referred to a “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World Records.

Carey is also the first and only artist to have their first five singles to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

We’ve scoured the web and put together this collection of the best Mariah Carey quotes; where she talks about music, life, and hard work:


29 Mariah Carey Quotes

1. “If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.” – Mariah Carey

2. “I’d rather be onstage with a pig – a duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain’t going to happen.” – Mariah Carey

3. “I really rebel against authority.” – Mariah Carey

4. “Butterflies are always following me, everywhere I go.” – Mariah Carey

5. “I’m not one of those people that goes into details of my personal life on national TV to get attention. Some things are better left unsaid.” – Mariah Carey

6. “My mother is Irish, my father is black and Venezuelan, and me – I’m tan, I guess.” – Mariah Carey

7. “When you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong and you’ll finally see the truth- that hero lies in you.” – Mariah Carey

8. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel… hopefully it’s not a freight train!” – Mariah Carey


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9. “I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress-up. I don’t take it too seriously.” – Mariah Carey


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10. “Never listen to anybody who tries to discourage you.” – Mariah Carey


11. “I try not to be a jerk. I really do. I try to be nice and cordial.” – Mariah Carey

12. “One day I promised God that if he would give me my voice back I would never smoke again. I got three octaves back after quitting.” – Mariah Carey

13. “This is for all of you out there tonight, reaching for a dream – don’t ever give up! Never ever listen to anyone, when they try to discourage you, because they do that, believe me!” – Mariah Carey


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14. “In this world, I call the shots and I think I know best.” – Mariah Carey


15. “People are like, ‘What is your whole obsession with butterflies?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not obsessed. I like them. Can’t anybody like something?” – Mariah Carey

16. “You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, ‘I’m proud of what I am and who I am, and I’m just going to be myself.” – Mariah Carey


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17. “Forget the image, forget the ensemble, forget the rumors, forget the short skirts, the big hair, whatever! I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you so I want to accept this award on behalf of all of you.” – Mariah Carey


18. “I am very insecure about my looks, and I always have been because of being mixed race.” – Mariah Carey


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19. “Time is irrelevant to me. I never wear a watch.” – Mariah Carey


20. “I could do my own nails… I went to beauty school in the 11th grade. But why would I do that now?” – Mariah Carey

21. “Whatever you’re going through in your life, don’t ever give up.” – Mariah Carey

22. “So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong, and you’ll finally see the truth – that a hero lies in you.” – Mariah Carey

23. “You really just want to know that somebody loves you for you. Sometimes you feel like an ATM machine with a wig on it.” – Mariah Carey

24. “I work myself into the ground. But I think I’m a nice friend and a good person, and I try to do my work as best I can.” – Mariah Carey


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25. “I’ve seen the real extreme diva behavior and I don’t think that’s who I am.” – Mariah Carey


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26. “I’ve seen other artists put out movies that went straight to DVD, and no one cared. Maybe their own fans bought the thing, and that was fine.” – Mariah Carey


27. “A lot of people are singing about how screwed up the world is, and I don’t think that everybody wants to hear about that all the time.” – Mariah Carey

28. “Never, never listen to anybody that tries to discourage you.” – Mariah Carey


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29. “I don’t think anyone knows as much about what’s right for me as I do.” – Mariah Carey



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