3 African Entrepreneurs Overcoming the Odds & Helping Others

Entrepreneurs from 3rd world countries don’t often get enough recognition as they should do.

We hear about all the great entrepreneurs from the likes of the US, but what about all the other entrepreneurs across the world, who don’t necessary have access to the same resources as we do?

There are plenty of amazing African entrepreneurs, living in very poor countries, who are overcoming the odds and helping thousands of less fortunate people.

The thing is, they wouldn’t be able to make these differences to their families and to their community if it wasn’t for the dramatic advancement of mobile technology and payments. Without this tech, their businesses couldn’t function the way they do right now.


3 African Entrepreneurs Overcoming the Odds

Within this article, I want to discuss the stories of 3 successful African entrepreneurs, who are doing amazing things for their countries!

The stories and videos featured within this article come from Western Union, who are celebrating their 20-year anniversary of being able to offer their services to the people of Africa.


1. Joseph Blabo – Nigeria

Joseph Blabo is an amazing individual, from Lagos in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the largest recipients of remittances in Africa, with roughly $20 billion being sent back to the country every year.

Joseph used remittance money to invest into a crucial area of the country that needed developing; ‘schooling’. He decided to build a primary school with the money. His local neighbourhood, ‘Makoko’ in Lagos was in desperate need of a primary school.

Joseph’s vision to build the school was shared with his uncle, and backed with funds by his aunt. They began by buying the essential furniture needed, and then acquiring a building. After that, Joseph spread the word and within no time at all the school had 100 pupils.

Joseph is just one example of many 3rd world entrepreneurs who are investing in helping others and giving back to the community.


2. George Ouma – Kenya

George Ouma is a tailor from Nzanza, Kenya. He absolutely loves his job, and he explains in the video that it was a business that was simple for him to start and maintain.

However, he also mentions that before companies like Western Union existed, it was incredibly tough for people in 3rd world countries to receive money from abroad. He attributes the success of his business to the fact that Western Union has allowed him to receive money easily and grow his business.

George’s drive to build his successful tailoring business comes from wanting the best education and future life for his son.

This is just one of the ways that mobile technology is helping change and improve the world. People living in countries like Kenya and Nigeria are incredibly thankful for the fact that this technology to send mobile payments exists.

Without it, entrepreneurs like George wouldn’t be able to make the impact they’re making today.


3. Alex Gichiba – Kenya

Alex Gichiba is only 20 years old, and he’s already started to make his mark as a successful entrepreneur. He moved to Nairobi recently to start his own shoe-shine business, because back at home his family was struggling to make ends meet.

At the young age of 20, Alex’s decision to move to Nairobi and start his own business, means that he’s able to support his family back home. He pays for his sisters’ school tuitions, as well as his youngest sister who is in primary school.

However, without today’s mobile technology at his fingertips, we wouldn’t be able to send any of this money back home to his family. It means the world to Alex and his family that these possibilities exist for quick and easy payments on mobiles.



The 3 African entrepreneurs I’ve featured in this article are just a few of the entrepreneurs living in 3rd world countries, who are using mobile technology to help others in their community.

Here’s a quick recap on the article:

1. Joseph Blabo

The entrepreneur from Nigeria who built a primary school in his neighbourhood.

2. George Oumai

The tailor business owner from Kenya, trying to provide a better life for his son.

3. Alex Gichiba

The shoe-shine entrepreneur from Kenya who’s support his family through his business.

Do you know any other African entrepreneurs who are changing the world by helping others? Leave a comment below.

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