3 Oprah Winfrey Leadership Style Secrets

There are many popular personalities with admirable traits. Some of them are popular because of this, but some are due to other reasons. In general, they inspire others to do the same marvelous things they are famous for. Some people are also noted for their leadership abilities. In fact, most of them have revolutionized products, services, and their will to serve. You can call that leadership by example, because they simply have a knack for helping people, and that makes them great.

One of the great personalities includes Oprah Winfrey, a popular television personality and philanthropist. She successfully touched the lives of people with the combination of her wit, impudence and kindness. In fact, she has influenced a lot of people just by her presence and stature.

However, the influence that she gives her viewers goes beyond that. Her opinions serve as a stimulus for others that she must be careful what she says on TV as it might encourage others to follow. Touching the lives of people is another unique element that obviously in the leadership trust of Oprah. Perhaps that is due to her ability to openly express opinions and to show that she cares for others.

1. Very Vocal Personality

Her ability to be very vocal allows her to express herself freely. She doesn’t hide any emotions and she doesn’t hide the realities of life. Oprah’s transparency enables her to speak her mind up and courageously in almost everything. This includes issues that are hard to share or discuss to others. Also, her personality being open and blunt enables her to be closer to people. Thus, Oprah is able to lead not only those in her organizations but also people of the United States.

2. Unique Leadership Style

Oprah has unique leadership skills in terms of compassion, ethics, inspiration and justice. She has the ability inspire people because she conforms to what is right and she fights for it. Although she is unable to help everybody, she has the effort to back it up. So, no wonder she is so loved by the people who consider her as a blessing to others.

3. Charismatic Character

Winfrey is good at attracting attention from the public because people see her to have a strong temperament. Aside from that, she is very competent when it comes to business. Moreover, she has the will that is grounded in respect and belief that she has compassion as her supports has for her. In the case of Winfrey, she doesn’t have to force her way for people to like her. Rather, her approach to reach out and persuade people and her persistence has earned her the trust and praise of people around her.

Anybody can be an instant celebrity simply by just catching the attention of followers around the globe. However, being a leader is a different concept because it requires total dedication to the things that you believe. This popularity will last, unlike those who are put in oblivion because they don’t have the leadership qualities that are only bestowed on deserving individuals like Oprah Winfrey.

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