30 Anxiety Cat Memes Because It Ain’t Easy


The anxieties this life brings… It’s too much sometimes it’s a wonder how we can manage. Even the simplest, most mundane things now carry some sort of mental and emotional pressure. What’s that about? Too much sugar? Less sunlight?

But, maybe we don’t manage. Maybe we just absorb them, just like how the anxiety cat does.

These are real challenges occurring in real life and our furry feline friend here is all of us nearing emotional breakdown just because we have to walk into a room already full of people. Oh, the horror!

These 30 anxiety cat memes are a manifestation of all our fears and tribulations rolled into one facial shock.

About To Apply For Job

Add Crush As Friend On Facebook

Home Alone And Hear A Noise

An Important Phone Call

Receive A Voicemail Asking You

At Friend’s House For Sleepover

Can’t Sleep At 3:00AM

Can You Come In Here?

Drive Over Bump In The Dark

Everyone Has Stopped Talking

Fatally Incurable Disease

Friend Doesn’t Respond To Text

Girlfriend Texts Without Smileys

Go To Use The Bathroom

Group Of People Start Laughing

I Need To Talk To You

In Line To Order Food

Afraid Kanye Will Interrupt

No One Acknowledges It

Need Help With Anything?

Police Car Turns Siren On

Public Speaking Class Required

Received Casual Text Message

Remember Something Funny

Restaurant Has No Drive Thru

Save Your Powerpoint Presentation

Shoes Make Squeaking Noise

Sit At Back Of Classroom

Spider In Your Room Disappears

Take Too Long In Bathroom

Beat anxiety with a laugh with these other 20 relatable anxiety memes.

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