30 Best Graduation Card Sayings

Whether you are earning a diploma or degree, recognizing your accomplishments when you graduate is just one way to celebrate the years of hard work. From personal message tips to inspirational words, here is a look at some of the best graduation card sayings.

“Accomplishing the small things is the first step in achieving greatness. Graduating shows that you are well on your way.”

“Be proud of this moment – you deserve it for all the effort and passion you invested. Thumbs up for your great performance.”

“Best wishes on your graduation! You are such a spectacularly special individual, and we are proud to know you and your family!”

“Cheers to the new graduate, let’s celebrate your success. I am sending you my best wishes for a successful future.”

“Congrats! A graduation is something you should be especially proud of. And you deserve to enjoy every hard-earned second.”

“Congratulations on completing this part of your education. Just remember that learning shouldn’t stop just because your academic career did.”

“Congratulations on your accomplishment! We are so proud of the person you have grown to be and will continue to love watching you grow. We look forward to seeing what else you achieve as you move forward.”

“Congratulations on your graduation and all the best for the future.”

“Congratulations, graduate. I am confident you will continue to succeed in life. Keep up the good work.”

“Education is a remarkable tool – It enables you to do wonderful things that can catapult you to great success.”

“Graduating is not the end of hard work – it’s just a break before you get into the new and bigger challenges in life. Good luck.”

“I am wishing you a great sense of accomplishment as you celebrate your hard work.”

“I hope you know how proud your parents are of you. We are so happy to be included in your celebration and even happier to see how much you have accomplished. Happy graduation!”

“I wish you courage as you step ahead towards new challenges in life. Congrats and may all your other dreams be fulfilled.”

“If you work as hard for the rest of your life as you did for these last four years, you’re guaranteed to be successful. Congratulations.”

“If you’re wondering how the last four years went so fast, you should see how quickly the rest of life flies by. Enjoy this moment because you won’t get it back. Congratulations.”

“It has been such a privilege watching you grow up and sharing so much with you. I am not at all surprised to see how successful you have been. I hope you are excited for whatever is next and are enjoying the happiness of this moment!”

“Learning everyday is the ultimate key to success. Don’t ever stop learning, dreaming and achieving. Go get ‘em, graduate!”

“Now that you’ve completed the goals other people set for you, make sure that you have a list of your own. Now you can pursue them knowing that you can accomplish great things. Congratulations!”

“Now that you’ve graduated follow your heart and embrace what dreams are important to you. Cherish them. Own them. And pursue them with all of your might.”

“The future holds no promises, but rather mysteries and surprises. What you’ve learned in school will prepare you for both. Congratulations this great milestone and all the best for the future.”

“The piece of paper may be about academics, but the experience was a lesson in life. Congratulations on learning so much in the last 4 years.”

“Today is a route marker. It tells you how far you’ve come, not that you have finished your journey. Keep learning, keep trying, and keep accomplishing. Congratulations.”

“Today you’re a step closer to your dream and will soon be reaping the fruits of your hard work. Congratulations.”

“We don’t know how you managed to get your degree with all the partying, drinking, socializing, and extracurricular activities, but we’re glad you did. Congrats.”

“We’re proud of the grades you got, but we’re much prouder of the person you’ve become. Congratulations.”

“We’re so happy that you’ve achieved this great milestone – Wishing you great success with your dreams and career aspirations.”

“Wishing you the very best on your graduation day and beyond. Congratulations! We’re very proud of you.”

“You did it! Countless hours of hard work and dedication have brought you here. We could not be happier to be a part of this moment with you.”

“Your graduation is only a glimpse of what lies ahead in your bright future. Wishing you the very best for the coming years.”

Here is a great video on how to party plan your graduation party for a teenager. Using fun embellishments for this festive occasion is a great way to celebrate your accomplishments.

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