30 First World Problems Memes For You Lucky Folks


Did you know that “first world problem memes” are also called “white whine”? These memes poke fun at the problems that privileged folks in first world countries complain about.

Picture this. While masses of people worry about where their next meal will come from or how to get out of the cold, some people are going through First World Problems.

Like what?

Scroll through these First World Problem memes and find out.

Arms Sore From Holding

Forgot I Was Watching A Recording

Got Caught Up With A New T.V. Series

Go To Take Poop

I Already Brushed My Teeth

I Couldn’t Pay For My Coffee

I Have To Wake Up At 4 AM

I Live In Such A Quiet Child-Free Neighborhood

I Want To Get A Meaningful Tattoo

Mom Asks What I Want For Christmas

My Phone Is Almost Dead

My Wallet Won’t Close

Nice And Warm In Bed

One Of These Delicious Nachos

One Pillow Is Too Low

Sat Down In Living Room With Dinner

There’s Nothing To Drink At Home

All The Cups Are Dirty

Can’t Open Bag Of Chips

Don’t Know Whether To Buy

I Added Too Much Sugar

I Hate My Government

I Won 10,000 Dollars

My PC Is Too Fast

My Twitter Is Disconnected From My Facebook

My Wallet Is So Fat

Take Clothes Out Of Dryer

There’s A Bubble In My iPhone 

Windshield Wipers Are Too Slow

Don’t these First World Problem memes remind you of how blessed you are?


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