30 Jack Nicholson Quotes to Serve As Inspiration

Jack Nicholson has to be one of the most popular actors in history. It’s hard to believe that he’s already 81 years old.

Nicholson is an American actor and film-maker who has performed for over 60 years. He is best known for his appearances in many famous and popular movies.

Here’s a few of the greats:

  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • The Shining
  • Batman
  • As Good As It Gets
  • The Departed
  • The Bucket List
  • Check out our boasting collection of 30 classic Jack Nicholson quotes:


    30 Classic Jack Nicholson Quotes

    1. “I’m an actor who they said was wrinkled and balding and everything else when I was in my early 30’s. Most of the people who wrote that who thought they were younger than me are now bald and wrinkled.” – Jack Nicholson

    2. “In other words, I wouldn’t like to be an actor if I could only be real. I like to get wild, behaviourally wild, and it’s crazy to think of any form where it’s just one way.” – Jack Nicholson

    3.”It’s a slight stretch of the imagination but most people are alike in most ways so I’ve never had any trouble identifying with the character that I’m playing.” – Jack Nicholson

    4.”With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” – Jack Nicholson

    5. “A star on a movie set is like a time bomb. That bomb has got to be defused so people can approach it without fear.” – Jack Nicholson

    6. “I would never complain about my life, even though I really would like to have a mate.” – Jack Nicholson

    7. “Here comes Johnny!” – Jack Nicholson

    8. “There’s a period just before you start a movie when you start thinking, I don’t know what in the world I’m going to do. It’s free-floating anxiety. In my case, though, this is over by lunch the first day of shooting.” – Jack Nicholson

    9. “I’m a good friend.” – Jack Nicholson


    10th of 30 Jack Nicholson Quotes

    10. “It’s not like I’m starved for the company – I have a few very good lady friends – but there’s only a certain amount of times a woman wants to see you and never go out for dinner.” – Jack Nicholson


    11.”When I am cast in a movie where I feel that the woman’s part is more interesting, I usually start thinking about Spencer Tracy and Fred Astaire. They seem to be the clearest actors when working with women.” – Jack Nicholson

    12. “There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.” – Jack Nicholson

    13. “The average celebrity meets, in one year, ten times the amount of people that the average person meets in his entire life.” – Jack Nicholson

    14. “Played tennis for years. But you can’t improve at tennis after you’re 50. You get to be in your 40s, and suddenly you’re a doubles player.” – Jack Nicholson

    15. “I don’t think many people have a very good understanding of leisure and the importance it plays in our lives.” – Jack Nicholson

    16. “If you get an impulse in a scene, no matter how wrong it seems, follow the impulse. It might be something and if it ain’t – take two!” – Jack Nicholson

    17. “I sort of understood that when I first started: that you shouldn’t repeat a success. Very often you’re going to, and maybe the first time you do, it works. And you love it. But then you’re trapped.” – Jack Nicholson

    18. “Frankly, I got into the movies because I like the movies a lot.” – Jack Nicholson

    19. “Early on, if I was alone two-three nights in a row, I’d start writing poems about suicide.” – Jack Nicholson


    20th of 30 Jack Nicholson Quotes

    20.”In this industry, there are only two ways up the ladder. Rung by a rung or claw your way to the top. It’s sure been tough on my nails.” – Jack Nicholson


    21. “I never had a policy about marriage. I got married very young in life and I always think in all relationships, I’ve always thought that it’s counterproductive to have a theory on that.” – Jack Nicholson

    22. “Because you know, down deep in my heart, when all is said and done, I still live under the illusion that basically, people think of me as an up-and-coming young actor.” – Jack Nicholson

    23. “One of my school friends’ parents owned a minigolf course, and a bunch of us kids would play there all day in the summer. Two-under deuce was a good score.” – Jack Nicholson

    24. “My motto is more good times.” – Jack Nicholson

    25. “I worry from the moment I take a job. I worry about how I’m going to do it, if I can do it… Then I walk on set and the director says, ‘Roll’, and all of a sudden, all of it disappears and it’s all happening, and I relax, and I’m doing what I do, and I’m not even thinking about it.” – Jack Nicholson

    26. “I think that’s what distinguishes Schmidt, really. In the movies now, so much of what is appealing to an audience is dramatic or has to do with science fiction, and Schmidt is simply human. There’s no melodrama; there’s no device, It’s just about a human being.” – Jack Nicholson

    27. “My mother never saw the irony of calling me a “son of a bitch.” – Jack Nicholson

    28. “Almost everybody’s happy to be a fool for love.” – Jack Nicholson

    29. “Age is the first limitation on roles that I’ve ever had to encounter, and I hit that a while ago.” – Jack Nicholson

    30. “I’m a New Wave baby, so I got very stimulated by a foreign film.” – Jack Nicholson



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