30 Lori Greiner Quotes For Entrepreneurs

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Lori Greiner is an American entrepreneur, and investor, featured on Shark Tank. Greiner is the president and founder of ‘For Your Ease Only, Inc’. She is a self-made inventor and entrepreneur who has developed over 700 products.

She has hosted a popular monthly show on QVC called ‘Clever and Unique Creations by Lori Greiner”. Her products are regularly featured in magazines such as ‘O The Oprah Magazine’, ‘InStyle’, and ‘Woman’s Day’.

Here’s a collection of the most Inspirational Lori Greiner quotes:


30 Lori Greiner Quotes For Entrepreneurs

1. “Entrepreneurs tend to be very driven, risk-takers, confident, and tenacious. They don’t give up and will find another way to keep driving ahead.” – Lori Greiner

2. “I prefer to like the people I invest in, but it’s not an absolute necessity, as long as they have a good mind and I know they’ll do whatever it takes to be successful.” – Lori Greiner

3. “In business, it is most often all about getting your foot in the door and once you do, everything opens up and things start to naturally progress into bigger and more opportunities. ” – Lori Greiner

4. “People trust I know what I’m doing. I have lots of credibilities. I’ve had years of learning. I know and understand my business.” – Lori Greiner

5. “There’s something the same about success and defeat. Both should make you want to work harder.” – Lori Greiner

6. “Your success will have everything to do with how you perceive yourself, because how you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you, too.” – Lori Greiner


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7. “Be the kind of person that people will want to work with.” – Lori Greiner


8. “I learned that nobody’s better than you at getting your business off the ground. The experience you get is priceless.” – Lori Greiner

9. “I’ve always believed you hire character and train skill.” – Lori Greiner

10. “Never be afraid to be who you are.” – Lori Greiner

11. “There is nobody who will drive your business like you.” – Lori Greiner

12. “You need to pave your own way in the world.” – Lori Greiner

13. “Be confident and respectful.” – Lori Greiner

14. “I have an innate instinct for knowing what’s going to work.” – Lori Greiner

15. “I’ve achieved a certain amount of success and now I’m thinking about the good things I can do.” – Lori Greiner

16. “Knowledge is power, especially when starting your own company. Educate yourself in what
you’ll need to know.” – Lori Greiner


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17. “There are no no’s, just how can I. You can attain any goal you set out to accomplish. The power of believing in yourself and perseverance goes a long way! There’s always a solution to every challenge.” – Lori Greiner


18. “You can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.” – Lori Greiner

19. “As an entrepreneur, you can always find a solution if you try hard enough.” – Lori Greiner

20. “I had a history for starting something and maybe getting halfway done. Then I’d see the same thing I was doing on the bestseller list. My ideas were right, but I hadn’t them fast enough.” – Lori Greiner

21. “I think people don’t like when you’re not confident about what you’re pitching, and they don’t want to invest in you or get behind you.” – Lori Greiner

22. “Know your product or business idea and show it quickly.” – Lori Greiner

23. “The greatest accomplishment in life isn’t what you’re paid, it’s who you become.” – Lori Greiner

24. “You are wise when you listen, especially to people with experience.” – Lori Greiner

25. “A brilliant idea doesn’t guarantee a successful invention. Real magic comes from a brilliant idea combined with willpower, tenacity, and a willingness to make mistakes.” – Lori Greiner

26. “I can tell instantly if it’s a hero or a zero.” – Lori Greiner


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27. “I roll out of bed in the morning whenever I want, and I work right away because to me, that’s the life. That’s freedom. The whole point for me is that I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur that I do what I want to do when I want to do it.” – Lori Greiner


28. “It’s a fine line, but if you don’t jump out to do something you’ll never get there.” – Lori Greiner

29. “Reach for the stars; you might catch one.” – Lori Greiner

30. “When I had challenges, it taught me to be more on top of it for the future. Things go wrong all the time when you’re running your own business, but it’s how you perceive it and deal with it that matters.” – Lori Greiner



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