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The road to success is often unpaved. Instead, it’s obstructed with challenges and rejections. And when your dream destination is Hollywood, being an Asian can make the path even trickier. Good thing Sandra Oh is up for it.  Here are 30 Sandra Oh quotes proving that hard work really does pay off.

Actress Sandra Oh was born on July 20, 1971. Her passion for performing began as a child. By the time she was in high school, she was very active in several acting-related events. Heading to college, she turned down a journalism scholarship to study drama against her parents’ wishes.

She then attended the National Theatre School of Canada. Oh embarked on an acting career after finishing her studies. Her first starring role was her portrayal of Canadian poet and novelist Evelyn Lau in The Diary of Evelyn Lau. After playing roles on the Canadian screen, she ventured into Hollywood.

sandra oh greys anatomy

Oh first became known for her starring role in the HBO sitcom Arliss. She had several other TV and film roles on the side. Ultimately, the actress’ claim to fame was her portrayal of Dr. Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy. Playing the role for almost a decade, she became a television staple.

She left Grey’s Anatomy in 2014 to focus on other projects. As of present, she stars in the award-winning British series Killing Eve. For her performance, she became the first Asian actress to receive an Oustanding Actress nomination at the Emmys. She’s also won a Golden Globe twice.

Just this year, Oh was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Here are 30 Sandra Oh quotes to inspire you to chase your dreams.

I think it’s just as important what you say no to as what you say yes to. – Sandra Oh

Actually being able to exercise your own choice can bring about greater opportunity. – Sandra Oh

I’m into exercising my individuality. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh individuality quotes

Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely, and we’re left with only the choice of what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it. Just stand there trembling, not moving. Assuming the worst that can happen. Or we step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant. – Sandra Oh

We actors, we’re a fragile bunch, and yet we need to be strong because 90% of our lives is rejection. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh actors quote

When your life changes and you become a more public person, in some ways you need to become a more closed person. – Sandra Oh

I grew up never seeing myself on-screen, and it’s really important to me to give people who look like me a chance to see themselves. I want to see myself as the hero of any story. I want to see myself save the world from the bomb. – Sandra Oh

Becoming an actor? If it’s not a calling, don’t do it. It’s too hard. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh calling quote

I don’t get jobs in films by auditioning. I’m not blonde. You can’t place me in movies the way you can with certain actors. It’s very difficult for my agents. – Sandra Oh

I don’t spend too much time on social media, so I can protect my mind space. – Sandra Oh

Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh ready quote

Anyone who has been obsessed or been in a mad love affair, sometimes you don’t make the right decisions. – Sandra Oh

I was very young when ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ came out, but that kind of comedy and the spontaneity of her, I think it really deeply affected me within just the joy of performance. – Sandra Oh

There’s, like, a dark needle or a nail that lives at the back of all of our heads, and that’s your fear. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh fear quote

I love actors; I love seeing great performances. I just love that, when I’m seeing a performance, that inside me, I just go, ‘Oh my God, how are you doing that? Where is that coming from?’ Where you see an actor do something, and I can’t even locate it in my own body. – Sandra Oh

It takes a long time to free oneself from chatter – goals, social media, image, persona. And if you’re able to move through in that way, you can actually start trying to create from a different place. – Sandra Oh

Hollywood likes to put actors in boxes, and it likes to put Asian actors in really small boxes. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh hollywood quote

The beginning of my career was so brilliant. It wasn’t until ten years later that I went, ‘Oh, that was a big, fat fluke and, boy, was I ever lucky.’ – Sandra Oh

I take it extremely seriously to do absolutely the best work possible and the truest work possible because I feel like that is what’s going to resonate not only for myself but hopefully for an audience. – Sandra Oh

Self-care doesn’t necessarily mean jogging! – Sandra Oh

sandra oh self care quote

I think all women should learn how to strip. It’s a really healthy, extremely challenging thing to do. – Sandra Oh

Being present is the actor’s job. Being aware of your body, in space, and the emotions that are occurring inside is essential. Well, quite simply, the more aware one is-of yourself, of your surroundings, of other people-the more likely you are to respond truthfully. – Sandra Oh

You should see my house. It’s sort of explosive. Like a crazy person lives there. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh house quote

A lot of things that I can’t get into the room for, even just to be seen, is because they’re just saying ‘No. they’re not casting non-white.’ You’re lumped into a category with people who are just not white. – Sandra Oh

I did not start acting until I was 10. I started dancing when I was four, though. My parents were not the ones who brought me to acting. I brought myself, and when I found it, I could never go back. – Sandra Oh

I love my hair. When I was young it had weird kinks and cowlicks in it, but I just grew into it. You grow into a lot of things. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh hair quote

I work very hard, sometimes too much, at my job because I love it so much. It is more than wonderful when all your hard work is noticed and honored by your peers and the industry. Winning the Golden Globe was one of the best moments of my life. – Sandra Oh

I remember everyone in high school thought I should be a journalist because I looked like Connie Chung. – Sandra Oh

sandra oh journalist quote

I don’t think people get the pressure of becoming famous and what it does for an artist. What does that for your creative self. And what that can do for your mental health. – Sandra Oh

I am so constantly amazed by people’s care and love for Cristina Yang. – Sandra Oh

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