35 Amazing Betty Gilpin Quotes

Betty Gilpin is an American actress. She is well known for her role as Debbie Eagan in ‘GLOW’. For her role in ‘GLOW’, she was nominated for the ‘Emmy Award’.

Gilpin began her acting career with guest-starring roles in television series. Throughout her career, she has been in films and tv shows such as ‘True Story’, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’, ‘A Dog’s Journey’, ‘Stuber’,’The Grudge’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘Nurse Jackie’, and ‘Elementary’.

Here’s a collection of the best Betty Gilpin quotes:


35 Amazing Betty Gilpin Quotes

1. “Getting to work with Edie Falco and watching her be a quiet presence – but a very powerful presence – and so brilliant and free? That was the first person I saw where I was like, I want to emulate that.” – Betty Gilpin

2. “I loved musicals because I felt like breaking out in song makes so much sense to me because it’s the stakes of how you feel inside!” – Betty Gilpin

3. “I try to cheat up. If I’m going to have something that’s ‘off the plan,’ then I want it to be the best piece of bread or the most amazing ice cream.” – Betty Gilpin

4. “In previous roles, I have thought of my body as ‘Betty’s body,’ and I try not to eat too many dinner rolls – please don’t fire me! I’ll make crazy choices from the neck up, but from the neck down, it’s just me trying to suck it in. And in ‘GLOW,’ my whole body was required to do a function and not just to look as good as possible in a costume.” – Betty Gilpin

5. “There’s not a ton of roles out there for the insecure, loud Britney Spears type.”” – Betty Gilpin

6. “With all the stuff that’s going on in the world – after I watch the news, read the news, and listen to my podcasts, at the end of the day, am I really going to watch an episode of murder and time travel?” – Betty Gilpin

7. “You would think that wrestling has so much to do with being aggressive and having a big ego, and it’s exactly the opposite.” – Betty Gilpin

8. “Female friendship… I think you have friendships that come and go, and then there are ones that the girl becomes a part of your bones.” – Betty Gilpin

9. “I kept feeling like there were no parts for girl who want to play to the mezzanine.” – Betty Gilpin


10th of 35 Betty Gilpin Quotes 

10. “I think that it’s our job to sort of band together and say, OK, what are the ways the male gaze has seeped into your brain and is affecting the way you treat yourself? Let’s work together to eliminate that.” – Betty Gilpin


11. “I’ve done plays where you get into the run and can go to auditions during the day, or can have lunch with someone, and then you go to half-hour and show up.” – Betty Gilpin

12. “The more power you can find in yourself and your own surety and identity is actually the best output that you could give to your friends in relationships.” – Betty Gilpin

13. “When you’re an actress – or just a woman – a lot of the exercise classes that are offered are so sort of male gaze-skewed. It’s all working out for the beach and not for function at all.” – Betty Gilpin

14. “Wrestling was the first time I thought, My leg is the thing that functions in this way to do this move, to get from A to B.’ Instead of, like, ‘My body’s purpose is to suck it in so the male showrunner thinks it’s attractive.” – Betty Gilpin

15. “Every time I get catcalled, I fantasize about being able to do a wrestling move on someone.” – Betty Gilpin

16. “I have learned so much personally from wrestling, and it has really bled into my daily life.” – Betty Gilpin

17. “I think every actor fantasizes about a show where you get to play several characters in one piece and not just Detective Bluestone asking what time you were at the station.” – Betty Gilpin

18. “I’m on a billboard in Times Square, but my bathroom is still dirty, and I have toothpaste on my face.” – Betty Gilpin

19. “Sometimes, daily life doesn’t match the high stakes that you feel! And I feel like that is wrestling. Wrestling actually makes sense to me.” – Betty Gilpin


20th of 35 Quotes 

20. “When we did ‘Endgame,’ we were all hunched over and making the craziest sounds. Then I graduated and went right into auditioning for ‘Gossip Girl’ and things like that, where, as an actress, you’re required to act from the neck up and, from the neck down. It’s a presentation of your birthday-suit self.” – Betty Gilpin


21. “Wrestling really is kind of the highest form of theater.” – Betty Gilpin

22. “Both of my parents are actors, so I grew up backstage with them. I would see some of their shows 30, 40, 50 times. I would have it all memorized. I loved it.” – Betty Gilpin

23. “I fill my business emails with smiley faces and question marks so that I don’t sound too severe.” – Betty Gilpin

24. “I spent a lot of time in college studying theater of the absurd and Beckett and Genet, and then I spent a lot of time after that at ‘Gossip Girl’ auditions, thinking, Wow, I really wasted my money.” – Betty Gilpin

25. “I won’t name names, but sometimes a TV set can be a shame-and-fear obstacle course for an actress.” – Betty Gilpin

26. “Nothing is more theater-based than wrestling. It’s Greek-tragedy-level theater.” – Betty Gilpin

27. “When I read what ‘GLOW’ was about, it just felt like something where I could make as many faces as I wanted, and it would totally make sense!” – Betty Gilpin

28. “Wrestling introduced me to the idea that my body has a purpose besides trying to look five years younger for the first time.” – Betty Gilpin

29. “Being an actor, I’ve thought about being in the male gaze.” – Betty Gilpin


30th of 35 Betty Gilpin Quotes 

30. ” ‘GLOW’ was the first time that, from head to toe, I was asked to use my body in a functional, powerful way as an actor – and that felt amazing.” – Betty Gilpin


31. “I often feel like a character actress trapped inside the mean, aging Barbie’s body.” – Betty Gilpin

32. “I went to theater school where there is a lot of holding each other’s faces and crying, and a lot of kid gloves.” – Betty Gilpin

33. “My original perception of wrestling was not a very positive one. I didn’t understand it at all, and I thought it was kind of silly and ridiculous. But as I got to know it, it was sort of like how people used to talk about musicals, to me, when I was younger.” – Betty Gilpin

34. “When I first thought about wrestling, I thought about it as this foreign thing that I would have so much trouble accessing, and then, day one of researching it, I was like, ‘Oh, I know what this is! This is theater. This is playing pretend.’ It was really easy to connect to.” – Betty Gilpin

35. “With theater, the time commitment and the demands on your body, your personal life, and your wallet are crazy. It’s four months of feeling like you’re running a marathon and getting paid in hugs.” – Betty Gilpin



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