35 Famous Mila Kunis Quotes

Mila Kunis is an American actress from Ukrainian decent. Kunis is best known for her performance in ‘Black Swan’, ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ and ‘Bad Moms’. 

Here’s our collection of 35 famous Mila Kunis quotes and sayings: 


35 Mila Kunis Quotes 

1. “Five inches of snow in five-inch heels. You can’t look sexy and you can’t look like you know what you’re doing because you fall.” – Mila Kunis

2. “I think I have a good sense of humor, but I’m not, like, a joke-teller. I get the jokes, which is sometimes half the battle. Believe me, I have no idea why anyone hires me….” – Mila Kunis

3. “Christian Louboutins are uncomfortable, but I screamed the first time I put on a Pointe Shoe.” – Mila Kunis

4. “I have this odd tendency to be really sarcastic when I’m uncomfortable and I don’t really know why but it just comes out and it’s come out since I was a child.” – Mila Kunis

5. “I think playing coy is silly. Speak your mind. If a man gets turned off, he’s the wrong man.” – Mila Kunis

6. “I make myself laugh all the time. – Mila Kunis

7. “What made me feel empowered was the gun, not the clothes. Like if I had the gun, it didn’t matter what your size was, what your stature was.” – Mila Kunis

8. “It’s fun to play somebody who has no boundaries or rules. There’s no book you can read on how to play a witch, so you just create a version. It’s really great!” – Mila Kunis

9. “I honestly think being single’s great. Being in a relationship’s great. It’s all about the timing.” – Mila Kunis


10th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes

10. “I have an older brother who is 21 and attends UC Berkley.” – Mila Kunis


11. “I grew up incredibly poor and went to school and had a very average upbringing.” – Mila Kunis 

12. “My glass of wine and I are besties.” – Mila Kunis

13. “What I do and who I am are two different things. And they always will be,” – Mila Kunis

14. “I grew up in Ukraine ’til I was about 7, and then I moved to L.A.” – Mila Kunis

15. “I don’t live lavishly, so it’s not like I have 20 assistants and travel privately and shop every day.” – Mila Kunis

16. “That is the biggest form of bullying ever, the paparazzi. Printing lies, making accusations, it’s just bullying.” – Mila Kunis

17. “Always have a backup plan.” – Mila Kunis

18. “I don’t think it’s true that blondes have more fun… Trust me, it is not true!” – Mila Kunis

19. “I really, truly believe in learning from other people’s mistakes.” – Mila Kunis 


20th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes 


20. “The downfall of the industry is that there is a lot of pressure in it, a lot of rejection in it and a lot of competition in it. It’s a whole mess.” – Mila Kunis


21. “I am… stubborn, and I admit it, so it’s OK.” – Mila Kunis

22. “I stand by every movie that I did. I don’t regret any decision I made.” – Mila Kunis

23. “Confidence, not cockiness. Knowing who you are is confidence. Cockiness is knowing who you are and pushing it down everyone’s throat.” – Mila Kunis

24. “My mom and my dad wanted my brother and me to have a better life, you know, better education, better jobs. It was probably harder, much, much harder, for my parents. When you’re a kid, you can learn a language much more easily; I learned English in less than a year.” – Mila Kunis

25. “There might have been guys with enough cajones to send over a drink. If I was hit on today maybe I just don’t know it. I told my friend that I never get hit on and he’s like, “You’re crazy!” But as far as I know, no, I’ve almost never been hit on.” – Mila Kunis

26. “I love playing different characters and I love doing fun things and I love to entertain people, whether that be in a comedy or a drama. If I get you to laugh or I get you to cry I’m super stoked, as morbid as that might sound.” – Mila Kunis

27. “I definitely hope to attend UCLA in a year, and major in business.” – Mila Kunis

28. “I was never raised to think that I was pretty. It’s not that I was raised to think I was unattractive, but it was just never something that was pointed out to me by my family. They would point out personality traits — ‘our daughter is really quirky’ — versus what I look like because inevitably, looks go, so it makes no difference.” – Mila Kunis

29. “Though she doesn’t remember any trauma, she said that her parents told her she cried on a daily basis and her grandmother resorted to passing out candy so the kids would play with her. Though it was a humorous moment, Mila said, “I know, God bless her. She’s an amazing, amazing woman.” – Mila Kunis


30th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes

30. “I was really good at saying no. I decided I was just going to say yes to any opportunity that came, no matter how crazy. And it changed my life.” – Mila Kunis


31. “I love swimming, tennis, and I am taking up golf. I am not serious about it, I just go to the range and practice. Other than that, I enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with my friends.” – Mila Kunis

32. “It’s not the most normal life in the world, but I screw up plenty of times to be a normal teenager.” – Mila Kunis

33. “I had a snowboarding accident. I fell off a horse. I’ve had a concussion, a fractured rib… I walk into walls. I’m always bruised up.” – Mila Kunis

34. “I showed sideboob. I don’t need to show ass. You get one or the other. You don’t get both.” – Mila Kunis

35. “It’s fun working on the set… I usually work about 10 and a half hours a day, and I also study about five of those hours. It can be tiring, but it’s fun! – Mila Kunis 



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