35 Fruit Puns Pear-fect for Any Situation

Erica DanielsMarch 11, 2019

Looking for something sweet to say to your honeydew? Maybe your friend isn’t feeling berry well and could use a good pick-me-up. Everyone can ap-peach-iate a good fruit joke, so we came up with 35 fruit puns to brighten your day. Have a laugh, steal a kiss or say thank you in a unique way by slipping a fruit pun into your conversation. These fruit puns would make a pear-fect text message or sweet lunchbox note and are guaranteed to produce a smile.

For Motivation

fruit pun pineapple

Send worries away and take on the day without running out of juice! Remind someone how awesome they are by encouraging them with a sweet fruit pun.

  • No fig deal, you got this!
  • Squeeze the day
  • Don’t worry, just let it mango
  • Be like a pineapple – always wear your crown
  • You’re pear-fect
  • You’re grape
  • You are cherry sweet
  • You’re plum-perfect
  • You’re hard core
  • You’re a peach
  • You’re one in a melon
  • For Your Special Someone

    fruit pun kiwi

    Sweet talk your Valen-lime with some fruit puns to make them blush. Let them know you’ve picked the best of the bunch.

  • I find you very ap-peel-ing
  • We make a great pear
  • You’re the apple of my eye
  • I cherry-ish you
  • Lime all yours
  • You hold the kiwi to my heart
  • I miss you berry much
  • Honeydew you know how happy you make me?
  • I’m bananas for you, let’s never split
  • Sorry I’m bad at pickup limes
  • You’ve got a peach of my heart
  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple
  • You are juice the cutest
  • I love you cherry much
  • Just Because

    For Friendships

    fruit pun orange

    Through sweet and sour times, a good friend sticks by your side. Let your berry best friend know why you think they’re grape.

  • Kiwi be friends?
  • It takes two to mango
  • You’re my main squeeze
  • Orange you glad we’re friends?
  • I’m grapeful for our friendship
  • To Say Thank You

    fruit pun strawberry blueberry

    Show your gratitude with a little apple-tude by thanking someone with a fruit pun. Saying ‘thank you’ is a sure way to make someone peel good.

  • Thanks! I ap-peach-iate it
  • Thank you berry much
  • Thanks a melon
  • Thanks a bunch
  • Thank you! I apple-solutely appreciate it

    Now that you have some fresh jokes in stock, treat your loved one to a fruit basket to show them they are the ripe one for you. Accompany your gift with some handpicked fruit puns to make them feel warm and fuzzy.

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