35 Hilarious & Light-Hearted Jack Black Quotes

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Jack Black is an American actor, producer, comedian, voice actor, writer, and musician. Black is best known for his roles in various comedy movies.

His first major acting role came at the age of 13 when he does a commercial for the video game ‘Pitfall!’. He has featured in notable films including ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘School of Rock’, ‘Nacho Libre’, and ‘Year One’.

Black has created a YouTube channel, ‘Jablinski Games’ and production company, Electric Dynamite Productions, Inc.

This is a collection of the best Jack Black quotes.


35 Hilarious & Light-Hearted Jack Black Quotes

1. “I just remember the early days of Tenacious D. There was no talk or thought about doing a TV show or a movie.” – Jack Black

2. “I recommend that everyone in their youth be as out of shape as possible so that when you turn 40, people can go, Wow, you look much better now.” – Jack Black

3. “I’m fairly certain that YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.” – Jack Black

4. “My children are magical creatures and I love them to death.” – Jack Black

5. “The real challenge is if you don’t look super sexy, like a Brad Pitt, you’re going to have to try harder. You’re going to have to make up for it in other ways.” – Jack Black

6. “When you get to a certain level of recognizability, celebrity, you can’t go out of the house without someone going, “Can I just have one photo?” I don’t mind, by the way, if anyone wants one we can take some photos. But sometimes you just wanna stay in the house or in the hotel room with the shades closed.” – Jack Black

7. “You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore” – Jack Black

8. “I don’t really think differently of making a movie for grownups or making a movie for kids, if it’s boring it’s boring, so you want it to be entertaining and I think funny is funny whether it’s for kids or grownups, the only real difference is language.” – Jack Black

9. “I really wanted people to pay attention to me and like me. And the class clown thing, you know? There’s a weird desperation to the class clown when you really investigate it. Why are they trying to be the clown so much? They’re filling some kind of hole.” – Jack Black


10th of 35 Jack Black Quotes 

10. “I’m an aspiring writer. I hate that phrase. You’re either a writer or you’re not.” – Jack Black


11. “It’s a mistake to just go make a movie where the whole thing is talking down to the kids like, “Ok, we gotta bring the IQ of this movie down because it’s a kids movie” You don’t have to do that, kids can laugh and parents can laugh at different parts and that’s fun, and you see that with all of the great kid’s movies.” – Jack Black

12. “The movie Spinal Tap rocked my world. It’s for rock what The Sound of Music was for hills. They really nailed how dumb rock can be.” – Jack Black

13. “When I was a kid, I thought I was the strongest man in the world. Then, the fastest runner and then the smartest person in the world. One by one my delusions got shut down. Now I just see myself as the lamest guy in the world.” – Jack Black

14. “You only have to go hardcore humiliation on the first film. On the subsequent sequels, you can coast.” – Jack Black

15. “I don’t have any real spirituality in my life – I’m kind of an atheist – but when music can take me to the highest heights, it’s almost like a spiritual feeling. It fills that void for me.” – Jack Black

16. “I make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” – Jack Black

17. “I’d rather be the king of kids, than the prince of fools.” – Jack Black

18. “Iris, if you were a melody…piano melody. I used only the good notes.” – Jack Black

19. “The greatest gift in life is the ability to think great thoughts and have the strength to take action so that those thoughts become reality in this wonderful and abundant world.” – Jack Black


20th of 35 Jack Black Quotes 

20. “We’re in the dark ages if J-Lo can have a music career because of her ass. And let’s face it, that’s it.” – Jack Black


21. “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” – Jack Black

22. “Funny songs, that’s my ticket. I can’t remember when it started or why it started, it’s just something that I NEEDED.” – Jack Black

23. “I love Satan. Christianity is so boring. If Star Wars didn’t have that evil imprint, they wouldn’t sell two tickets. Satan sells tickets. That dude, Darth Maul, he was down with Satan. Put it this way, Satan loves to party, he loves to f**k and he loves to eat rich, delicious food. Actually that sounds a lot like Kyle Gass (his bandmate).” – Jack Black

24. “I’d just like to be in films that I would like to see. I think of myself as an entertainment arsenal. Like I have my acting bazooka and my music machete. And you don’t know what I’m going to come at you with.” – Jack Black

25. “If Beethoven and Bach hooked up with Mozart and made a band, they could be a distant runner up to The D.” – Jack Black

26. “Push-ups, sit-ups, and a strict diet of raisins. That’s my plan.” – Jack Black

27. “There’s nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you’re gonna eat it.” – Jack Black

28. “With the acting, it’s somebody else’s brainchild, and I’m just sort of helping flesh it out. There’s a special satisfaction to being the brains behind the operation.” – Jack Black

29. “A long life or a short life are of equal importance to God.” – Jack Black


30th of 35 Jack Black Quotes 

30. “I like being married. I’m at home with my wife and kids all the time now. I don’t go out for wild nights.” – Jack Black


31. “I remember I prayed to God. I was like, “Just let me be on TV.” Let my friends see me on TV in a good thing. I like if I’m funny a little bit on a commercial and then I don’t need to act ever again. “Just let them see me.” And then it worked. I got the commercial. I was on TV. My friends all saw me. I was a kind of a star at school for like three days. And then it faded away and I was hungry and I had to like make another deal with God. I remember it still.” – Jack Black

32. “I’ve had so many hot, cheesy, corny loves of music in my life. I had a very intense Billy Joel period. So once you’ve really Joeled it up – there’s some good periods of Joel; it’s not all hot cheese. But I can’t judge anyone else for their cheese. I’ve deep-sea dived in the Gouda.” – Jack Black

33. “My parents were very supportive of me and my artistic endeavors. My father and mother came to every school play I ever did.” – Jack Black

34. “There were times when I thought I got a bit more punishment than was coming to me, but I don’t regret a minute of it now. Each of us must be tempered in some fire. Nobody had more to do with choosing the fire that tempered me than myself, and instead of finding fault with the fire I give thanks that I had the metal to take the temper and hold it.” – Jack Black

35. “When you think about rock at its origin, and you think of the Beatles and millions of kids screaming as loud as they can and running as fast as they can towards the Beatles, there’s no one who is that kind of lightning rod, who commands that kind of power and has that kind of creative magma.” – Jack Black



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