35 Wonderfully Written Alexandra Robbins Quotes

Alexandra Robbins is a journalist, lecturer, and author. Her books focus on young adults, education, and modern college life and its aspects that are often overlooked or ignored by college administrators.

Some of her most popular books include:

  • The Nurses
  • Pledged
  • The Overachievers
  • Conquering Your Quarter-life Crisis
  • The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth
  • We’ve put together a collection of the best Alexandra Robbins quotes:


    35 Alexandra Robbins Quotes

    1. “Although she was gregarious, she inadvertently separated herself from people because she was so often inside her own head, focusing on her creativity.” – Alexandra Robbins

    2. “Groups satisfy our brain’s natural inclination to make sense of hordes of people we encounter and observe. This quality is so inherent that children intuitively understand the need to form groups without adults having to teach them.” – Alexandra Robbins

    3. “If schools celebrated student scientists the same way they celebrate student athletes, more students would be encouraged to pursue the subject. Instead, science is considered nerdy because schools help students to paint it that way.” – Alexandra Robbins

    4. “In the minds of their peers, too often students become caricatures of themselves.” – Alexandra Robbins

    5. “No student should be encouraged — by anyone — to change himself until he’s “normal,” a term that says everything and means nothing.” – Alexandra Robbins

    6. “Social standing does not necessarily translate to social acceptance.” – Alexandra Robbins

    7. “The trade-off seems like a no-brainer. Would you rather be bribed during your hospital stay with made-to-order omelets or would you rather be, for example, not dead?” – Alexandra Robbins


    8th of 35 Alexandra Robbins Quotes

    8. “Being an outsider doesn’t necessarily indicate any sort of social failing. We do not view a tuba player as musically challenged if he cannot play the violin.” – Alexandra Robbins


    9. “He comes in entirely as an outsider. He lets his mind wander. He’s not endangering his academic position because he doesn’t have one, and he can take those risks.” – Alexandra Robbins

    10. “If teachers are uncomfortable at their own school, they will pass on their uncertainties or negative attitude to students.” – Alexandra Robbins

    11. “Instead of revamping school policies to welcome every child, many school systems are bent on revamping the students to conform to their schools.” – Alexandra Robbins

    12. “Nonconformists aren’t just going against the grain; they’re going against the brain. Either their brains aren’t taking the easy way out to begin with, or in standing apart from their peers, these students are standing up to their biology.” – Alexandra Robbins

    13. “Someone else’s success is not your failure.” – Alexandra Robbins

    14. “There are no consequences for poor work ethic and no rewards for good work ethic.” – Alexandra Robbins


    15th of 35 Alexandra Robbins Quotes

    15. “Conformity is a mask behind which students can hide their identity or the fact that they haven’t yet figured out their identity.” – Alexandra Robbins


    16. “He didn’t realize that simply by mingling among various lunch tables, he was befriending people in different crowds, weaving together the fringes of the cafeteria.” – Alexandra Robbins

    17. “If there is a single factor that spells out the difference between the cafeteria fringe headed for greatness and those doomed for low self-worth, even more than a caring teacher or a group of friends, it is supportive, accepting parents who not only love their children unconditionally, but also don’t make them feel as if their idiosyncrasies qualify as “conditions” in the first place.” – Alexandra Robbins

    18. “It was a relief to inhabit someone else’s life for a while, to get her personal issues for a brief respite. In a play, she knew exactly how all her character’s problems would be resolved. No matter how the cast performed, the end turned out the same. No questions, no worries, no unknowns.” – Alexandra Robbins

    19. “Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit.” – Alexandra Robbins

    20. “Students usually don’t refer to themselves as nerds until someone else accuses them of being one.” – Alexandra Robbins

    21. “Too many parents fail to understand that there is a difference between fitting in and being liked, that there is a difference between being “normal” and being happy. High school is temporary. Family is not.” – Alexandra Robbins

    22. “Conformity is not an admirable trait. Conformity is a copout. It threatens self-awareness. It can lead groups to enforce rigid and arbitrary rules.” – Alexandra Robbins

    23. “How could he encapsulate in a pithy admissions-interview line all of his unique ideas and interests?” – Alexandra Robbins


    24th of 35 Alexandra Robbins Quotes

    24. “In one survey, respondents listed Princeton as one of the country’s top ten law schools. The problem? Princeton doesn’t have a law school.” – Alexandra Robbins


    25. “Membership in small groups allows people to feel similar and different at the same time: similar because they are a part of a group in different because the group is separate from the masses.” – Alexandra Robbins

    26. “Nursing is more than a career; it is a calling. Nurses are remarkable. Yet contemporary literature largely neglects them.” – Alexandra Robbins

    27. “Studies have shown that, at least among students, popularity equals visibility.” – Alexandra Robbins

    28. “What is to give light must endure burning. I think people who care for others understand. Caregiving is painful.” – Alexandra Robbins

    29. “Exclusion is common behavior. But that doesn’t make it unchangeable. And that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with the cafeteria fringe.” – Alexandra Robbins


    30th of 35 Alexandra Robbins Quotes

    30. “I figure I’ll win the fight in twenty years or so anyways when I end up with a decent life and their unemployed and living at home.” – Alexandra Robbins


    31. “In the midst of a crowd, an individual’s layers of restraint peel away, revealing potentially barbaric instincts and a susceptibility to a “crowd contagion.” – Alexandra Robbins

    32. “My heart broke not only for the daughter who already was forced to become her mother’s alarmingly narrow ideal, but also for the middle daughter who knew that her in mother’s mind she had already failed.” – Alexandra Robbins

    33. “Part of the problem is that people at our school don’t listen. They just put on the headphones and tune out the world. It’s intimidating.” – Alexandra Robbins

    34. “The only way I’m going to make any friends is if I take the first step.” – Alexandra Robbins

    35. “When a child sees herself through the prism of her peer group, the resulting self image can be distorted.” – Alexandra Robbins



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