4 Must Read Books to Motivate your Entrepreneurial Spirit

First things first this list isn’t the best motivational books, or the top entrepreneurial start-up guides. Instead these are the ones that can give you the motivation to get going or get back on track.

If like myself and 99% of other businesses you are going to have bumps in the road and how quickly you get over them will help establish how successful your business will be.


4 Must Read Books to Motivate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whether it be week 1 or 20 years from now, it’s likely you will have some bad turns leading to the thought: “Is this really for me?” or “Should I be an Entrepreneur?”

These times are 100% un-avoidable but when they do come around, that is the time to pick up one of the below and get reading. They will help explode your imagination and at the same time motivate you to get back on track with your business.

Here are 4 must read books to motivate your entrepreneurial spirit.


A book by Daniel Priestley talking about how the age of the entrepreneur is now upon us. Previously we had the agricultural revolution and more recently in the last 200 years the industrial revolution.

But nowadays the young individuals that are truly successful aren’t the ones that go to Uni or college and get a degree and settle into the bottom rung of the corporate ladder for the next 40 years.

Instead the individuals who are successful are the ones creating the “global small business” with teams of 1-10 these companies make huge profits targeting a small specific industry but with the use of the internet quickly become global.


Despite a cheesy title this was the first book that ever truly made me believe I could become a self-employed entrepreneur and a book I highly recommend every aspiring start-up owner to read regardless of your industry or aspirations.

Especially if you are in a full time position that seems to be going nowhere!

MJ DeMarco talks about how students & young people have been brain washed into what they should do, and what he refers to as the “slow lane” to success, which he quotes will get you enough money to be wealthy in your retirement, when in fact you don’t have time or the health to enjoy your earnings anyway!

The slow-lane is probably a process you’ve seen before, it involves going to school, getting good grades, going to a good University, getting a good degree and then working your way up the corporate ladder to a position where you can retire with $500,000 by 60 (if you’re lucky).

Which to me sounds absolutely crazy, but for 99% of people is now how they envision success.

Instead DeMarco talks about how to establish the millionaire Fastlane and become successful within a time to actually reap the rewards of your work before it’s too late.

DeMarco also talks about how selling your business isn’t actually selling out and how everyone should have an exit plan to sell for the “big sum” and teaches you how to live off the 10-20% interest a year whilst working as much as you like.


Darren Hardy’s take on starting your own business, and again focuses on the theme of: why now is the prime time to become a self-employed entrepreneur.

Darren outlines some great nuggets of information here, like how landing 1 “golden” client is better than chasing 100’s or 1000’s of second rate ones.

And as a result putting 100% of your effort into landing this client is almost always better than having 10% of your effort across many different client generation techniques.

Another method mentioned was the highly aggressive (borderline dangerous) client generation technique that pretty much involve stalking your prospects until they give you the time of day.

Hardy also explains that with the help of a stopwatch you can actually calculate how much time you dedicate to the growth of your business, chances are it will be a lot less than you actually think.

Perfect book for anyone who’s been in business for 3-12 months and wants to scale and explode their sales.


Again another title that isn’t going to win any awards, yet in my opinion Napoleon Hill’s greatest book, far superior to think and grow rich which many people consider to be one of the top 10 business books ever written.

In the law of success Hill outlines the 16 keys to running a successful billion dollar business which he learnt from his years with Andrew Carnegie.

The key theme throughout the law of success is setting up a definite chief aim and evolving your business in a way that always relates back to this.

Although very motivational this book isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s a 500+ page tough read. Saying this, if you can consume the knowledge inside you will be well on your way to owning an extremely successful business.


To Sum Up

To recap in short on the 4 must read books to motivate your entrepreneurial spirit, here they are:

  • The Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • The Millionaire Fast-Lane
  • The Entrepreneur Roller-Coaster
  • The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
  • Do you have any books you’d like to add to this list? Leave a comment below.

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