4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Passion

Once you find your passion, you won’t have to work 100 hours a week to become successful. You will be working as normal but since you will be focusing on a topic you love, it won’t really feel like work.

You do not need special skills to do this. But you do need this one thing…

A burning desire to succeed and a willingness to put in some hard, focused work!


Why Haven’t You Found Your Passion In Life?

You’re either trying too hard to search for it, or you’re not trying at all.

To find out what you are most passionate about you have to take a step back and observe yourself. You have to look at the little things you do within your life and recognize what makes you feel happy when you’re doing them.

Think about how you put a smile on other people’s faces. What did you do to make them smile? What do you truly care about? What would you love to do for the rest of your life?

When you find that one service you enjoy rendering to others you’ll be one step closer to finding your highest happiness.

And your highest happiness is tied together with your passion!

The great news here is that you can now begin making money using the Internet by finding and following your passion!


4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Passion

It has long been said “do what you love and the money will follow”. This is so true because those who have found what they love and wanted to do have become very successful in their field.

There is a market for information, no question there. That is why information marketing is the most powerful form of marketing today!

Information is the lifeblood of the Internet. That’s why Google is currently the most often-used site online.

Google alone processes literally billions of search requests every day. Billions!

And some of those searches are people are searching for the things that you care about.

People don’t care from whom they get the information they need, they just need to get the information they want!

And this is why I believe the best place to start for most people is with finding your passion and working with the internet.

Here are some things that will happen when you begin to work on the topic you are most passionate about:

  • You will never run out of motivation because you are working with a topic you love.
  • Your energy and enthusiasm for your work will remain high.
  • You will meet like-minded people and very likely make new friends.
  • You will make money from your passion as you let time become your ally. But first you must create a high-quality information site.
  • Take the time to really think about these four questions & answer them to the best of your ability. You’ll be glad you did it in the long run!


    1) If You Had All The Money You Needed or Wanted, What Would You Do With Your Time Every Day?

    If I had all the money I wanted or needed, I would spend more time creating helpful content for my tribe & I would be a life coach.

    I’d spend my time traveling the world and creating new experiences daily. I’d buy all of the material possessions my heart desires & would spend quality time with my family.

    Take the time to think this question through and get to that thing that really floats your boat. That thing which excites you most!


    2) What Do You Feel You Are Most Passionate About In Life?

    This exercise is about identifying your passions, not about analyzing what might work in business.

    Just write down the first thing you think about, NOT the thing you think is socially acceptable.

    Think about what makes you smile! Don’t filter this answer – just answer straight from your heart.


    3) What Topic Interests You Most?

    This is a key point to finding your passion in life.

    Is there a topic that you are naturally drawn to? Is there something that always catches your eye when you see it?

    For some it’s sports. For others it’s cooking, painting, writing or one of a thousand other things.

    Take a look back on some of the best discussions you’ve had with your friends & find out yours today.


    4) Is There A Topic That You Have Deep Knowledge About, Even If It’s Not Your Passion?

    Grandparents are a perfect example for this question.

    They have cooked, cleaned, doctored, guided and prayed for decades. They have a gold mine of wisdom and information that is helpful to other people.

    And that should be what you want to make money off of, helping others.

    If that’s not your motivation then you will be competing against the world, making it worse for others to prosper as well.

    Being able to identify what you really care about and organizing that information in four simple questions is the first step towards making your passion your profession. These are the steps I took and that countless others have taken as well.


    If you take the time to sit down & really answer these four questions, you can CREATE a better life instead of having to COMPETE for one.

    Finding your passion is worth the effort because making a living from what you are passionate about already really does turn work into play.

    And when your work becomes play you can always raise your pay!

    What’s your passion? If you know what you love to do let me know in the comments below!

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