4 Reasons Why Your Image Relates to Your Success

Before I begin, this isn’t intended to be an article that sounds extremely vein, or bad in any way in the slightest sort. The topic of ‘image’ is normally something that fills people with completely the wrong values, perspectives and arrogance, which can easily make the title of this article sound exactly the same.

However, it’s important to respect the fact that there’s a strong correlation between your success and how you look, to both yourself and other people, and that’s what I’m going to be highlighting shortly.


Some people care way too much about their image, and do become pretty vein because of it, whereas other people tend to hear a lot of the advice on not caring too much about how you look and the way you dress, and they take it in the wrong way. So they start to let themselves go a little; they don’t shave, workout, dress smartly, eat healthily and so on.

The advice is taken by people in the wrong way, because what writers, speakers and such are actually trying to tell us is that we need to learn to be happy with our true selves and how we look without all of the makeup, the clothes and fancy haircuts, before we start adding all that extra stuff on top to look our best.

If your not happy when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, slapping on an expensive suit won’t suddenly transform your opinion of yourself. But if you change the way you look at things, and you learn to become happy with who you are naturally, taking care of that image is a big bonus.

Here are 4 reasons why your image relates to your success.


1) A big image provides big confidence

When I walk down the street wearing baggy clothes and with hair that looks like it should of been cut a couple of months ago, something doesn’t feel quite right. I know I’m not looking my sharpest, and I don’t feel as sharp.

My confidence immediately takes a hit because of this, but not as much as if I was dissatisfied with who I am naturally. Never the less, it’s still a hit that could be avoided by keeping myself in shape and on top of my game.

When you think about the famous people of the world, how many of them do you think have been fairly blessed in looks? Probably a lot of them, because if they’re blessed that way it’s not difficult to get rid of any confidence issues, whereas the rest of us probably have something we can’t help feel conscious about.

Looking after yourself has a big improvement on your confidence and alloys to grasp at opportunities you’ve been to scared to grasp in the past.


2) Your image has an affect on others opinions of you

I recently read two articles by Neil Patel on QuickSprout titled, “How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Me $692,500” and “How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks”. Give these two articles a read and it really does prove just how beneficial your image can be toward your success.

The way you carry yourself, look after yourself and such can have a big effect on how many people are willing to approach you, work with you and socialize with you, because they know you mean business and they know you like to take care of yourself. Two important qualities to have when wanting to become successful, and they can tell you’re a serious guy to work with that won’t be wasting their time if they choose to do so.


3) Image helps you stand out in a tough crowd

Your image can definitely help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Neil stated in one of his articles I mentioned above, that his friend bought a Lamborghini and posted a picture of him inside it to Facebook, only to then receive 107 new friend requests. That car made him stand out from the crowd, didn’t it?

In this world there are so many people competing against each other, for jobs, in business and such; that if you don’t make an effort to stand out both your name and face will become a blur. No-one can pick you easily from a group of people because the first impression you’re giving off probably isn’t as high as your skill and potential. It’s the weak link.

This is the case for social media websites when people only see a name and picture to begin with, such a Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s also the same in person when going to interviews, when going business meetings and looking for a partner.


4) An improvement in your image gives encouragement of progress

Improving your image gives off the effect of improvement to the majority of us, and encourages us to keep on working hard, because it’s clearly working right?

Once you start to see results and improvement with yourself, you’ll likely become happier and get the motivation to keep on going in order to make even further improvements. It’ll also make you feel better about yourself as a whole and hopefully help change your mindset from “I can’t achieve anything” to “Anything is possible”.


In conclusion to everything I’ve said, the advice that you hear about learning to like yourself for how you look naturally is all true. Although when it comes to being successful and going far in life, a boost in image is a great boost for confidence and a great way to stand out to others among a crowd. Just don’t take all the cars, suits and grooming products for granted.

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