4 Success Lessons From Gisele Bündchen

Want to hear some of Gisele Bundchen’s success lessons?

Since my early childhood, I’ve been taught how to live right by my mom, dad, sis, two aunts, and always overreacting grannies.

I got used to their hour-lasting lectures and having a rebelling character developed my own stance to each issue discussed in my family. Even now, I listen attentively to all their recommendations, nod agreeably but still mind my own business.


Gisele Bundchen’s Success Lessons

However, there are those silent teachers from whom we can learn more only observing their way of life. And for me this kind of master became Gisele Bündchen. Yep, you’ve read right. I’ve learnt the crucial life lessons from a model.

However, Gisele is a woman who is beyond any model stereotypes. I do like her charisma and consider her the most energetic and positive woman.


1. You Can Handle All the Roles if You Really Want to Act Them

Gisele Bündchen is a businesswoman, a mother, a wife, and a supermodel who boasts $360 million net worth and estimated $47 million earned in 2015. Impressive? Yeah, who would like to have such a dream life?

But wealth and beauty aren’t given for those who do not work hard. And that’s what I also learned for Gisele. Of course, I realized that you, Veronica, an ordinary blogger, won’t achieve 89th place in Forbes list of the Most Powerful Women in the World. At least I could become powerful for myself.

One evening after I spent 8 hours writing at work and 10 minutes of subway reading, I took Gisele’s success story in Vogue so close to heart that couldn’t hold my tears feeling so miserable and unworthy.

Half an hour I spent in the darkness of my room sobbing. It was one of those moments, which are simply called “something went wrong with my life”.

I overcame it with a pen – my universal healing tool. I wrote 3 roles in which I want to achieve some success. Each role I capitalized on the biggest paper formats I had and pinned them to the wall. After that, I wrote two first actions to activate those roles.

Now I have over 20 completed actions under each role and this confidence that I’m no longer miserable as I was.


2. You Can Have Healthy Lifestyle and Always Look Good

I know that some people might say that it would be easier to lead true eco-life if you had such a villa in Los Angeles with your own garden and a little farm as Bündchen and her husband Tom Brady possess.

But even with a limited budget, you can have the healthy lifestyle. I did it not hiring a personal chef. Instead, I began buying fresh vegetables grown on the eco-farms and cooking tasty and healthy meals from them.

Before I rarely cooked for myself and consumed takeaways with lots of spices and fat.

I’ve never thought cooking for myself could be such a pleasant thing. And though I do not have a garden to use its fruit for homemade jam as Gisele does but there are so many stores of homemade staff in every city that you can easily find the nearest to your place.

Apart from cooking for myself, I formed a habit to wake up 30 minutes earlier and practice my morning yoga. Then I write morning pages taken as an advice from Julia Cameron.

This is another powerful woman whose lessons I once attended reading her amazing masterpiece The Artist’s Way. And in the evening I usually spend 2 hours in a gym covering with sweat and getting rid of all the negative thoughts accumulated during the day.

It takes a load of time to form a habit of leading this healthy life but when you have a goal written on your wall and see it every morning when you wake up, you can’t quit that easy.


3. You Can Be Beautiful and Comfortable at the Same Time

Be Comfortable & Beautiful - Gisele Bundchen

If you’ve seen Gisele’s casual outfit, you could say she looks awesome in her simple jeans and T-shirt. So, what stops me from looking the same? This question made me analyze my closet. I began big and divided my wardrobe into 4 sections:

  • Casual but simple outfits for being cozy at home;
  • Casual but pretty outfits for work, an unexpected party or a date;
  • Elegant outfits for special occasions;
  • Outfits for yoga, gym, and traveling at weekends.
  • The same trick I’ve made with my shoes, hats, and jewelry. I began caring what to wear each day, so I picked out the staff in the evening after I took a shower.

    I decided that if I want to have a good look, I can’t do it just rushing and grabbing anything at the bottom of my closet.

    Some of my friends noticed how I changed and explained it with a job change and the fact that I had more men of my age in a new team. I laughed but didn’t mention that the main reason was that I wanted to feel pretty and comfortable for myself.


    4. You Can Keep on Going Even if People Confront You

    I was impressed how professionally behaved Gisele Bündchen when in 2002 PETA protesters harassed the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Fashion show with the placards “Gisele: fur scum”.

    She kept on walking and doing her job notwithstanding the fuss around her. Ignorant of offensive words and shouts from protesters a supermodel continued the show.

    And I realized how easily I let myself lose the focus at work and at my big goals because of another crashed relationship or an agreement with my friend or family.

    Yep, it is difficult to move ahead having a heart full of tears and resentment but you shouldn’t allow your feelings get on the surface and humiliate you even more.

    That is why when I feel like an emotional wreck, I wear the best of my outfits, spend extra 20 minutes on putting my make up, and take out the most positive and charming smile to help myself get by strong and confident.



    So, this is it. I still follow lessons from Gisele Bündchen and I think I will continue doing it for the rest of my life since they make me feel happier and less tired from not being that wealthy or powerful.

    Are there any of Gisele Bundchen’s success lessons you resonate with? Leave a comment below.

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