40 of the Most Inspirational David Laid Quotes

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David Laid is an Estonian-American Bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness model, sponsored athlete, social media celebrity influencer. He first rose to fame after he uploads his transformation videos on YouTube.

Laid has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram profile and over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He often shared his workout routine with his fans on social media.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational David Laid quotes:


40 of the Most Inspirational David Laid Quotes

1. “I was ridiculously insecure like I would walk around in high school like I needed to have like a massive hoody on I didn’t wear a regular t-shirt because I was flat.” – David Laid

2. “Don’t just listen to anything anybody tells you.” – David Laid

3. “Plan my training and nutrition for the week ahead, as well as any photo or video work I need to do. ” – David Laid

4. “I feel like it was really bad in high school because I was just eating such garbage.” – David Laid

5. “I was an absolute twig.” – David Laid

6. “Now after I’m eating a lot cleaner it’s honestly I just have better appetite.” – David Laid

7. “I would tell my self to just always prioritize doing what I actually love.” – David Laid

8. “I have wet dreams about taking steroids.” – David Laid

9. “My most massive insecurity it was like simply how skinny I was.” – David Laid


10th of 40 David Laid Quotes 

10. “This is kind of like our life, and we want to become something most teens don’t.” – David Laid


11. “Create content that you actually enjoy in your own unique way.” – David Laid

12. “I was pretty athletic I was always I guess slightly stronger and more athletic than the baseline everyone around else my age.” – David Laid

13. “I don’t like food and have to work really hard to get my daily calories! ” – David Laid

14. “A person who inspires me Greg Plitt.” – David Laid

15. “You can get injured any type of lifting you could trip in the gym, you can get hit by a car so just whatever you do you got to do it safely.” – David Laid

16. “Some people are hardcore partiers, we’re hardcore trainers.” – David Laid

17. “just more prioritizing my health in general rather than eating in a way that could increase my size and strength and body weight as rapidly as possible.” – David Laid

18. “You have energy all the time. You feel super good. You’re stronger when you go to the gym. You’re more aggressive and confident. ” – David Laid

19. “I kind of came home with it, and I went on YouTube and I typed in, ‘chest workout.” – David Laid


20th of 40 David Laid Quotes 

20. “Starting a workout routine is one thing but keeping it up is another.” – David Laid


21. “You have more of an alpha mentality.” – David Laid

22. “I just want to go out and like create projects that like they don’t necessarily have anything to do with myself.” – David Laid

23. “When I started out training and this is going to very very beginning I had absolutely zero percent what I was doing with the things I thought I did.” – David Laid

24. “Wow, I’m having one of those moments where I’m looking at his pics and just want to go on gear so bad.” – David Laid

25. “Training has effect on my social life possibly I have to say it’s increased my confidence has helped me build my character.” – David Laid

26. “I definitely want to be much more active on youtube.” – David Laid

27. “You shouldn’t base your knowledge and what people tell you based on like how they look.” – David Laid

28. “I just wanna upload a lot more consistent because I definitely go through you know bouts of lack of consistency.” – David Laid

29. “When you start working out and the compliments begin to pour in, it pushes you even harder.” – David Laid


30th of 40 David Laid Quotes

30. “When I started training, everyone made fun of me.” – David Laid


31. “From the very beginning since I started lifting I always did bench press and squats, I always have them in my routine.” – David Laid

32. “Really just leave the ego out the door.” – David Laid

33. “My passion was that I would have like gotten somewhere I just made sure I got it get there safely.” – David Laid

34. “The only person to blame for your shortcomings is yourself.” – David Laid

35. “My appetite is definitely a lot better now.” – David Laid

36. “Myself. My desire to improve keeps me pushing forward. ” – David Laid

37. “A lot of people recommend teenagers don’t take this stuff, but we’re kind of different.” – David Laid

38. “I would watch YouTube fitness videos, eat, go to the gym, go home, watch more videos, go to bed, repeat. That’s all I would do. That and go to school.” – David Laid

39. “One really look into like you know continue eating clean no matter what like cleans a generic blanket but it’s mighty good nutritionally dense foods ” – David Laid

40. “Every aspect of my life was heavily impaired by how insecure I was and how I looked.” – David Laid



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