40 Paul Pogba Quotes That Truly Inspire

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Paul Pogba is a French professional soccer player. Pogba plays for Premier League club ‘Manchester United’ and the ‘French national team’.

In 2013, he was awarded the Golden Boy award for the best under-21 player in Europe.

After four years with Juventus, he returned to ‘Manchester United’ in 2016. He signed a five-year contract making him one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet. 

Here’s our collection of the most inspirational Paul Pogba quotes:


40 Paul Pogba Quotes That Truly Inspire

1. “Give up? I don’t know what that means.” – Paul Pogba

2. “I grew up in a flat with my brothers and my cousins. My brothers were in the same bed.” – Paul Pogba

3. “I play football; I do what I like.” – Paul Pogba

4. “I wasn’t really interested in girls. Only football. I was just enjoying football all the time. There was a five-a-side next to the flat, and I used to play there all the time. It was all about football. I wanted to be a professional. That was my goal. I didn’t want to be anything other than a footballer.” – Paul Pogba

5. “If I play a bad game, I know I played a bad game. If I play a good game, I know I played a good game. So I don’t need anyone to tell me if I did good or bad – because I know it.” – Paul Pogba

6. “Outside football, I just love life, you know. We’re lucky to play football, to have all this body. Everyone’s watching us. You see how many people, they come and watch the game. It’s unbelievable, you see how many people they come. They shout your name and just enjoy life.” – Paul Pogba


7th of 40 Paul Pogba Quotes 

7. “There are so many things in life that make you sad, you have to be happy.” – Paul Pogba


8. “When you say the word ‘Neymar’ around the world, everyone knows who he is and what he does.” – Paul Pogba

9. “For me, playing simply is dribbling. For me, playing one or two touches is harder. Playing simply is the most difficult thing.” – Paul Pogba

10. “I don’t think I am a great. I think I’ve done nothing. I’ve done nothing in soccer. I’ve won leagues, but I haven’t won the Champions League, the World Cup, the Euro. Winning the Euro in France, that wouldn’t be bad.” – Paul Pogba

11. “I only think about the pitch. I want to do great. I want to be one of the best. I want to win titles. I want to achieve things.” – Paul Pogba

12. “I wanted to show the world, to show United that I was ready to play and I was motivated to play. This comeback just showed that I left United, but the power of my heart was still here, to be honest.” – Paul Pogba

13. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. When I was younger, I didn’t see my family. I’d go and train all the time, not seeing friends, leaving the country, and stuff like that.” – Paul Pogba

14. “My family always helped me. I had people around me who always pushed me to be the best: my dad, my mum. My dad used to play and coach as well. But I wasn’t born with shiny things.” – Paul Pogba

15. “The real Pogba is the one you see every time. You know, when I’m on the pitch, I cannot act. I’m not an actor. So when I’m in the pitch, I like to joke and laugh, and outside the pitch, I’m the same. For me, I’m normal. I come and play football. I do what I love.” – Paul Pogba

16. “When you lose someone you love, you don’t think the same way. And that’s why I say I enjoy life: because it goes very fast.” – Paul Pogba


17th of 40 Paul Pogba Quotes 

17. “Fashion has always been as big a part of my life as football has.” – Paul Pogba


18. “I do not live for people, for what they think, for them to say that I’m nice, good, the best, perfect. Everyone has their opinion. And I respect that.” – Paul Pogba

19. “I like to try new looks and new haircuts. It’s part of who I am.” – Paul Pogba

20. “I want to work, to be a great, to win everything.” – Paul Pogba

21. “I’m sure Mourinho will make me a better player and a better person.” – Paul Pogba

22. “My deepest respect to the clubs who considered having me.” – Paul Pogba

23. “The most important thing is to be a midfielder first, not scoring goals. You have to make the game, make an assist for the team, and if you can score, it’s a plus for the team.” – Paul Pogba

24. “When I say I want to become a legend, some people say it’s pretentious. For me, it’s a challenge. My desire, a dream. I’m not saying I’ll get there, but it’s what I want.” – Paul Pogba

25. “Creativity is a huge part of my game as a player. It helps open doors which others don’t see.” – Paul Pogba

26. “I came back to Carrington, and it was like I just came back home.” – Paul Pogba


27th of 40 Paul Pogba Quotes 

27. “I just want to play, whether it’s on the right or the left. I give 100 percent all the time.” – Paul Pogba


28. “I try to not take myself too seriously and just have fun when I’m not playing.” – Paul Pogba

29. “I’m more experienced, I’ve won titles at Juventus. I’ve been playing with big players like when I started at Man United, of course. I came back. I’ve not come back from the Academy now; I went to play somewhere else, and I came back, I would say, as a person, as an adult.” – Paul Pogba

30. “It’s always good to play with big players, you know.” – Paul Pogba

31. “That’s why we love football: it’s not about the money or about the hairstyle or the dancing. We want to see beautiful goals, great tackles, fair play, and all this stuff.” – Paul Pogba

32. “We can not love everyone and be loved by everyone. It would be perfection, and nothing is perfect in this world.” – Paul Pogba

33. “Because I’m fairly big, I like to use my body. So I’ll control the ball, even when there’s a player on me, and then I’ll pass.” – Paul Pogba

34. “I always dream about winning the Ballon d’Or.” – Paul Pogba

35. “I have to keep working hard and playing well because I don’t like to be second or third: they’re the worst places to be. You would be proud, of course, because it means you’re on the way, but you want to finish first.” – Paul Pogba

36. “I really loved football from a young age. And my only thought, my only objective in life, was to be a professional footballer.” – Paul Pogba


37th of 40 Paul Pogba Quotes 

37. “I will not be touched if someone says, ‘I do not love you.’ You have the right. You do not have to love me.” – Paul Pogba


38. “If you want to speak about scoring goals, you should judge every midfielder the same way.” – Paul Pogba

39. “Playing against an Italian team is harder than all the other leagues. The Italians won’t score lots of goals, but they won’t concede many, either.” – Paul Pogba

40. “They teach you some things, but football is instinct sometimes. You just get the ball, and sometimes you dribble past three players and pass it; other times, you can shoot from far away. It’s just instinct. If you feel something, just do it. I am free to do that.” – Paul Pogba



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